Defragment hard drive, Bad HDD in Windows 7

Defragment hard drive, Bad HDD in Windows 7

Hard drive fragmentation happens frequently every time users move data. To limit this, there are many specialized software, but is there any way to combat Bad HDD without using software?

If you are using Windows 7 operating system, it will be extremely convenient because you can defragment the drive with the built-in function of Windows 7, which is Buil-In Defrag.

Guide to defragment hard drive in Windows 7

To do so, follow these steps:

Step 1: Right-click the drive to defragment and select Properties

chong phan manh o cung in windows 7

Step 2: At the card Tools Click here Defragment Now …

(Or you can perform this step by typing the command dfrgui from the Start Menu.)

Step 3: Click on the corresponding partition (C, D, E …) and then click Analyze disk to perform the checkout process

Step 4: After the analysis program is completed, click Defragment disk to perform defragmentation for the drive. You can also stop the process by clicking on it Stop Operation

Also you can choose Configure schedule to schedule a disk defragment as shown below.

Depending on the amount of disk space, the process may take a while. You should do this regularly to avoid hard drive fragmentation.
Above has instructed you how to defragment the drive using the function built into Windows 7, if you do not like you can refer and use the anti-Bad HDD software in the “Soft link” Quan “


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