Defragment your hard drive with UltraDefrag

When users move data from one partition to another partition of the hard drive or constantly install and remove software, it is easy to lead to fragmented hard drive (i.e. data scattered everywhere. on the drive). And UltraDefrag is the solution for you now.

After a period of hard disk operation, it is easy to read and write data from the more limited hard drive which can cause the computer to hang. Therefore, would like to introduce the software that can limit this problem: UltraDefrag.

How to defragment hard drives with UltraDefrag

If no software you can download the latest version of UltraDefrag

(Note: UltraDefrag supports Vietnamese so during the installation process you should choose Vietnamese as the default language for ease of use).

Step 1: Click Select each partition on the hard drive to conduct defragmentation (such as C, D, E …). Then Click Manipulation / Analysis (Or click the magnifying glass icon on the toolbar) to let the program do the defragmentation.

chong phan manh in the UltraDefrag state

Step 2: After the program has finished running, it will display a notice about the status of the hard disk.

You Click Manipulation. The program provides users with many different modes to choose from which are:

– Defragment: Is the normal defrag mode.

– Fast optimization: Defragmenting mode in fast mode, time takes place quickly but does not achieve high results.

– Full optimization: The most effective defragmentation mode but it takes a long time.

From there users give options to defragment your hard drive

To check the result of the program you should use the function again Analysis.
The above article has instructed you how to defragment your hard drive with UltraDefrag, if you do not like you can also refer to the MyDefrag software and other software in the “Soft related” section above to download and try it.


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