Delete corrupted folder files, viruses on your computer with Your Uninstaller

If there are corrupted files and folders on your computer that you cannot delete, use Your Uninstaller. Your Uninstaller software has the ability to delete corrupted files, folders or viruses on your computer.

To delete corrupted files, stubborn folders on the computer, the Unlocker software is one of the experts. However, Unlocker has only one function, that is, delete corrupted files and problematic folders. If you want to integrate many features on the same software, choose Your Uninstaller. As well as being able to remove the best error file as well as the folders containing it with viruses on your computer, Your Uninstaller can also uninstall software, quickly use tools on Windows systems.

Delete corrupted files / folders on your computer with Your Uninstaller:

Step 1: On the interface Your Uninstaller select File Shredder.

Step 2: Can be optional Add File or Add Folder corresponds to an error file or an error directory on the computer.

Delete the error file on the PC using ccleaner

Step 3: For example choose Add file, then navigate to the folder containing the error file. Choose File press Open.

Delete the error file on the PC using ccleaner

Step 4: The file will appear on File Shredder. You click the file press Shred! to delete.

Delete the error file on the PC using ccleaner

Step 5: Press Yes to confirm that you want to delete this corrupted file

Delete the error file on the PC using ccleaner

Step 6: The Information dialog box appears, that means you have successfully deleted the error file. Go to the directory on Windows to check again.

Delete the error file on the PC using ccleaner

For corrupted folders you also do the same to delete on File Shredder of Your Uninstaller software.

The File Shredder feature of Your Uninstaller is actually the name of a software that can remove corrupted files. File Shredder software is used for the purpose of deleting corrupted files, viruses similar to Your Uninstaller. The advantage of deleting files with File Shredder is that the removal tool is integrated into the right-click menu.
Users who do not know the main feature of Your Uninstaller is uninstalling software can refer to more. It can be said that uninstalling programs with Your Uninstaller is a key feature of the software. But features like deleting corrupted files, quickly manipulating Windows tools … just make the software more diverse.


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