Delete data on Dropbox

Delete data on Dropbox

Deleting data on Dropbox helps you eliminate unnecessary data, reducing the amount of space in Dropbox. Follow the steps below to delete data on

Dropbox is one of the leading tools for saving files online. Using the form of cloud data, Dropbox allows users to access, upload, download their data warehouse anywhere just need the Internet.

Do not just back up data from a computer. Dropbox can also receive data to be backed up from Google Drive. How to share, Backup Google Drive data to Dropbox is an effective trick for users to avoid losing data when forgetting accounts and passwords. When the capacity on Dropbox has shown signs of full, it is necessary that you delete the unimportant data. Follow us on the following steps to delete data in Dropbox permanently offline.

How to delete data on Dropbox:

1. Delete files on Dropbox

Step 1: Access Dropbox.

Step 2: Right-click on the file you want to delete and select Delete. Or you can also click Delete near the Download section.

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Step 3: Dropbox will appear asking if you are sure you want to delete the file. Select Delete to delete the file.

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Immediately the file has been deleted, there will be a message Deleted 1 item. You can click on Undo if you want to recover the deleted file.

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2. Permanently delete the file

Step 1: To permanently delete files on Dropbox, click on the trash can icon. Right-click on the file (with the word Deleted next to it) and select Permanently delete …

how to delete data on facebook

Step 2: Make sure you want to permanently delete this file on Dropbox. Select Permanently delete.

Guide to delete data on Facebook

Step 3: There will be a Permanently deleted 1 item. So you’ve permanently deleted the file on Dropbox.

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This is how to delete Dropbox files on your computer. With permanent file deletion, you will not be able to recover that file anymore.
Another trick on Dropbox is that setting a password also helps you better secure your online data. How to set a password to protect Dropbox online data will help you avoid the risk of intrusion, data theft on your online storage tool.


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