Delete data on Windows without confirmation

Delete data on Windows without confirmation

Deleting data without confirmation helps you reduce the time and manipulation when you want to delete unnecessary data on the computer. To know how to set this, please follow the steps below.

When you delete data in Windows operating system, Windows will usually bring up a dialog box to notify the user whether you want to delete the files or not. The confirmation of deleting files sometimes makes you uncomfortable and take time, if you want to install to delete data on Windows without confirmation, please refer to the following article.

Instructions Delete data on Windows without confirmation

Step 1: At the Windows Desktop, right-click the trash icon off the screen and then select Properties as shown below.

Delete data on Windows without confirmation

Step 2: A dialog box appears, where you uncheck the box Display delete confirmation dialog then press OK, got it to confirm save settings

If you want to delete files directly without putting them in the trash you can set up as follows.

First, right-click on the off-screen trash icon and select Properties.

A new window will appear, here the item Recycle Bin Location You proceed to select the drive you want to set up later on in the section Setting for selected location you click to select Do not remove files to the Recycle Bin. Remove files immediately when deleted as shown below and then continue OK, got it to save settings.
Above, we have just shown you how to delete data on Windows without confirmation. You can set up direct delete of folders, documents … without confirmation, even delete the folders that are not in the trash anymore. With this tip you will save a lot of time for deleting data on Windows. In addition, to remove stubborn files easily you can use Active ZDelete or Clean Disk Security.


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