Delete data permanently on the hard drive with CCleaner

CCleaner helps you clean up the system, increase computer performance by deleting files, clearing caches and emptying the drive, … Especially CCleaner also allows you to set up to permanently delete data on the hard drive with operations. operative below.

CCleaner, in addition to cleaning the computer system, also gives you the ability to permanently delete data on the hard drive. However, not everyone knows and uses this useful function on CCleaner.

Instructions for permanently erasing data on the hard drive with CCleaner

Download the latest version of the software here: download Ccleaner here or portable version here: CCleaner Portable

Step 1: Open CCleaner application and then click Tools.

Step 2: Click on Drive Wiper to clean the drive.

Step 3: When you enter the Drive Wiper panel, you must select the following items: Empty a drive or the whole drive (Wipe), select the method of deletion (Security) and select the drive to be deleted (Drivers). Then click Delete to permanently delete the data on the hard drive.

In which the selection of the delete method consists of 4 types:

– Simple override (1 time) is delete with overwrite data.
– DOD 5220.22-M (3 times) is to erase books on the hard drive thoroughly and delete procedures according to the standards of the US Department of Defense.
– NSA (7 times) is the standard procedure of the US National Security Agency.
– Gutmann (35 times) is deleting the file and then proceeding to encrypt and a safe method of erasing the content from a computer hard drive.

Step 4: Or permanently data on the hard drive each scan, you choose to CCleaner ->Wipe Free Space to scan when the application is active.

Above is how to set up and how to permanently delete data on the hard drive in CCleaner that you can apply to make the system work more smoothly. Moreover, you can also activate the feature Secure data deletion with CCleaner so as not to delete a lot of important data in your computer.

In addition to using CCleaner to clean the system, TuneUp Utilities is also one of the highly appreciated software in system optimization, you can download TuneUp Utilities to experience the useful features of the program.
If using Windwos 10, you refer to how erase Windows 10 drive with DiskPart, this is one of the great ways to delete data with the command line, which many people use for saving operation and bringing high efficiency.


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