Delete, remove YoutubeBookmark on Firefox, Chrome, Coc Coc, IE

Delete, remove YoutubeBookmark on Firefox, Chrome, Coc Coc, IE

YoutubeBookmark is an add-on that appears on Firefox, Chrome, Coc Coc, IE. Its function is to allow you to bookmark your favorite videos on youtube for later viewing, but it causes a lot of annoyance for users. So you know how to delete it yet?

YoutubeBookmark owns a lot of useful features for people who regularly watch videos on Youtube, but in return it also brings a lot of trouble and inconvenience to users. In principle, to remove YoutubeBookmark on web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Coc Coc, IE, you only need to Reset these web browsers. Here are the steps to proceed, follow along to know how to do it.

Instructions to remove YoutubeBookmark on Firefox, Chrome, Coc Coc, IE

1. For IE

First press the key combination Win + R (window and the R) button and type it inetcpl.cpl already Enter

remove youtubebookmark on firefox, chrome, ie

A new window appears, select the card Advance,in section Reset Internet Explorer settings,click on Reset.

Next you click on Delete personal settings, then press Reset and restart IE is fine.

2. For Chrome

Chrome is similar to Coc Coc browser, and the steps on Chrome browser can be applied to Coc Coc. First turn on Chrome, click on the toolbar in the right corner, select Tools , select next Extensions (Extensions).

When the Extensions window appears, you will see the following:

As shown in the picture, you can see the utility YoutubeBookmark. You just need to click on the icon trash can next to it OK, got it is to be.

3. For Firefox

First open up Firefox, click on Help then select Troubleshooting Information

A new window appears, just click Reset Firefox is done.
With just a few simple steps on you can easily remove YoutubeBookmark on Firefox, Chrome, IE. Also, you can reference and use tricks Turn off POP-UP ads on the Internet, Helps surf the Web effectively on internet browsers.


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