Delete stubborn files and data with Unlocker

Delete stubborn files and data with Unlocker

When you want to delete files or folders, sometimes you encounter the case that you cannot delete or see an error message like: Error deleting file or folder or Cannot delete folder: It is used by another person or program. .. So what solution for you now? Try using Unlocker software.

The unlocker is known to be easy and effective file deletion software besides Eraser. Software Eraser support users to permanently delete data on the computer by using other files to insert on this data

Have you tried this Unlocker to remove files that cannot be deleted by the normal way? Follow the article below to learn more about the features and how to use Unlocker.

Delete the file with Unlocker

Download and install the latest version of Unlocker

After downloading and installing on your computer normally, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Right-click the file or folder to delete and select Unlocker

Delete the file and unlock it

Step 2: Click on the item No action choose Delete then select Ok, got it.

Delete the folder and unlock state

After the program is done, a message will appear

How to delete file with unlock code

You press OK, got it to finish. So the file or folder has been deleted.
Using Unlocker to remove stubborn files from your computer effectively with just the detailed instructions above, stubborn files are no longer a concern for you. With Unlocker software you completely remove them from the computer. In addition, you can Delete the file with Eraser permanently away from the system, even the most stubborn files.


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