Delete Windows.old, delete Windows old, Previous Windows installations on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 computers

Delete Windows.old, delete Windows old, Previous Windows installations on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 computers

The Windows.old folder appears on the computer when you reinstall Windows without formatting the C drive or you install directly from the hard drive. This folder will save the data of the old operating system, you can delete it if you want. To completely delete this Windows.old folder, you can refer to us.

One of the reasons Windows.old or Previous Windows installations appear on your computer’s hard drive is because you updated from an old version of Windows to a new Windows, such as in the case you upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 10. On Windows 10, when you upgrade it is no longer named Windows.old but its name is Previous Windows installations. To delete this Windows.old you can follow these two ways, and apply to all Windows from Windows XP to Windows 10. You refer to how to perform offline. Also to not appear windows.old folder on your computer you should back up all data before reinstalling Windows and remember to format before installing offline, refer to how to install windows 7 from our usb.

Delete the Windows.old folder completely on the computer

Method 1: Delete the Windows.old folder with the Disk Cleanup tool available on the operating systems:

Step 1: Access My Computer, right-click on the C drive (the Windows installation drive contains the windows.old folder) and select Properties
type windows.old folder on c
Step 2: On the Properties window select Tab General then click Disk Cleanup
Delete all windows.old folders on your computer
Step 3: Here the program will conduct a short scan, wait and then click Clean up system files
Delete the windows.old folder on the computer
Step 4: The tool will then scan for unused files in the system. Next you need to find and tick Previous Windows installion (s) Contains a previous version of Windows, which is the Windows.old folder. Finally click Ok.

After completing you check the results by accessing the C drive and will see the windows.old folder will be no more.

Method 2: Use the command to delete the Windows.old folder:

Step 1: From the Start menu enter the keyword cmd, then right click and select Run as adminitrator

Step 2: Here you enter the command: RD / S / Q% SystemDrive% windows.old then enter.

You then check if the windows.old folder is deleted from the system.

So above we have instructed you on 2 ways to completely delete windows.old folder on your computer quickly and easily. In addition to cleaning and optimizing the system, you can use CCleaner or Your Uninstaller to use them effectively, both CCleaner and Your Uninstaller are outstanding software in cleaning and optimizing the system. count your. Hopefully this tip will help you in the process of use.
Currently the latest version on Windows 10 is the Creators version, after upgrading to this version you can also delete Windows.old to free up hard drive capacity up to dozens of GB, refer to how Delete Windows.old on Windows 10 Creators Update to know how.


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