Design electronic lessons, electronic lesson plans on Violet

Design electronic lessons, electronic lesson plans on Violet

Violet supports teachers to design professional electronic lessons with databases, rich images and unique effects to help you easily create presentations instead of Powerpoint of the Office suite.

Violet provides users with excellent tools to help prepare electronic lessons quickly and simply. Especially with the Vietnamese localization interface with full of useful features, Violet has been trusted by many users compared to the same function applications such as iPresent Presio or Presentation Wizard.

Instruction for designing electronic lectures and electronic lesson plans on Violet

Step 1: Download and install the latest version of the application: Download Violet

Step 2: Start the software, on the program window click on the sign icon + to add a new topic and Slide presentations. A dialog box appears allowing you to fill in the information and click Continue

– The presentation editor interface appears, click Document Entered text into the content of the slideshow. Here you can also customize Fonts, font sizes, colors, … for text input

– To insert images, videos into Slide, click Photo, Movie. A dialog box appears looking for where to save the image, Video and click Agree to add to the editor

– Add display effects for text, images, editor content: Click on the text to add effects, then click on the icon as shown below and select the effect that appears for that text . Do the same with the other documents.

– In addition to you can optionally set text, objects, … Top, bottom, bottom, center, lock the object, … or create a link for it.

– After you finish, click the binoculars icon to see the whole thing

– To save, click on the packaging icon. In the dialog box that appears, name and output format (Export the file to run exe, html file, …) then press Agree

Above, we have instructed you to prepare electronic presentations with Violet application, this software provides many interesting features and intuitive interface to bring interesting experiences for you.
In order to have a complete lesson plan, the lesson plan cover must also be focused, if you can not design the lesson plan by yourself, please refer to the sample lesson plans that we have preloaded on the web as well as edit your own. designed to help people use the lesson plan cover as quickly as possible.


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