Design guide, make Blogspot fast and simple

You’ve probably heard of Google’s Blog Blogspot. So, is it very difficult to design your own Blogspot?

A blog is a form of online diary, provided to users absolutely free. Users can post all information, images, shares, emotions on Blog. Blogs are more private than other social networks like Facebook, especially the block customization is much higher than Facebook downloads and uses a lot. For example, create blog name pointers, for example, this is very limited on Facebook, but above work Create cursor on blog It’s quite simple, and here I would like to show you how to create your own blog.

Instructions to create beautiful Blogspot

To do so, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Web browser (IE, FireFox, Chrome) you enter the address: HERE

(Blogger is developed by Google, so you can use any Google account to login, in this example use your Gmail account to login.)

Enter the UserName and Password and Click “Log in”.

create blogspot

Step 2: After successful login, click “New blog

Step 3: Here you enter the title, address of the blog as shown below.

Select blog styles (Simple, Dynamic view, Image window ….).

Next Click “Create Blog!”.

Step 4: Here, click “Start blogging

Step 5: Here you enter the title and content of the post in the frame below.

You can select Fonts, select links … set schedules, labels, positions … for your posts.

Can preview before publishing, save the article to write more …

Click on “Publish”To post.

Step 6: Next to this step allows you to share posts on Google+, if you do not want to share you Click “Cancel

Step 7: After publishing, you have the post

You can view, edit, delete this post as you like.

Creating Blogspot is not as difficult as you think, just with quite simple steps on you to easily design your own personal Blog page. It is a place where you can share confidences, experiences, … or introduce business products, … Also in case your network can not access the blog, you can block it, see how The blog is blocked by ultrasuft that we have instructed.
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