Detailed and complete Stickman Escape game answers

Don’t give up when you can’t solve the puzzles in Stickman Escape, with the list of answers to the Stickman Escape Taimienphi game below that will help you overcome all the difficult challenges that the game offers.

Stickman Escape Put the player in the role of the stickman character Lupine, you will have to make difficult decisions to rescue the Prime Minister, escape the notorious criminal organization Red Skull, wipe out all the terrorists and save the world, choosing an answer seems simple but to give Stickman Escape game answer right is not easy.

Summary of answers in the game Stickman Escape

I. Introduction Game Stickman Escape

Stickman Escape is a free but equally addictive stickman puzzle game that offers a series of brain-damaging puzzles. Lupine, an excellent intelligence officer in MI6, happens to realize that the girl has been kidnapped by strangers. After rescuing the girl, he doesn’t know that the enemy is planning revenge. Impossible missions, thrilling situations and puzzles all wrapped up in Stickman Escape ready for you to solve

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II. Stickman Escape Game Answers

Answers to the most complete Stickman Escape game
Currently, Stickman Escape has only released an Android version, there is no version for iOS devices, surely in the near future NPH will add more interesting puzzles and an iOS version of Stickman Escape to User can challenge his brain on phone.
– Link to download Android version: Stickman Escape for Android

In addition, if you are playing the Brain Test puzzle game on your phone, have a problem that you cannot solve by yourself, please refer to the list of answers that Taimienphi has compiled at the link below..

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