Detailed skill skills game Valorant

Like some games of the same genre, Valorant also has a completely different character set and skill effects, knowing how to use each character’s abilities will help you reach their full potential, winning to much closer to you.

Every game character Valorant there are 4 special skills and one of them you can get completely free, the later skills you have to achieve the goal and the last ability can only be used when you have defeated someone. . Let’s Taimienphi learn detailed skills of each game character Valorant will be released soon.

Parameters, character skills in the game Valorant

Detailed skills each game character Valorant

1. Phoenix

Phoenix’s star power shines in his fighting style, burning the battlefield with light and flames. No matter how much blood or less blood, he rushed to fight in his own way. Phoenix character skill set as follows
– Hot Hands: Throw a fireball and they will explode after hitting the ground or the time delay. Around the area you will be healing, the enemy will definitely lose blood.
– Blaze: Creates a firewall that restricts enemy’s vision and damages anyone who passes through it. You can bend the wall by gathering skills when holding the left mouse button.
– Curveball: Creating a flaming flare in an instant that made all eyes dazzle temporarily, you can control its winding shape by clicking.
– Ultimate (Run it Back): Mark your current location. If you die after being marked in the current location, you will be regenerated at that location with FULL health, or the time without dying will also be counted.

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2. Jett

Jett’s agile and stealthy fighting style allows her to fight without taking any risks, no one can do this. She ran around every fight, destroying the enemy before they knew what was attacking her.
– Cloudburst: Launch a cloud of fog that obscures visibility when colliding. Hold down the skill button to bend the trajectory of the fog cloud.
– Updraft: Fly to the sky after gathering skills.
– Tailwind: Immediately charge forward a short distance in the direction indicated.
– Ultimate (Blade Storm): Equip yourself with a few sharp knives to deal moderate damage and kill the target if hit. Killing any player will restore all knives.

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3. Vipper

Viper deployed a series of toxic chemical equipment to control the battlefield and paralyze the sight of enemies. If the poison didn’t kill her prey, then surely you would see her cruelty.
– Snakebite: Explosive bullets create a pool of acid that damages enemies.
– Poison Cloud: Throwing a gas generator creates a toxic cloud in the direction indicated.
– Toxic Screen: Deploy a gas generator on a large scale and you can reactivate it to create a high wall of gas.
– Ultimate (Viper’s Pit): Creating a huge poison cloud on a large scale, Viper will detect all the prey standing inside the cloud.

4. Sova

Sova tracks, finds and eliminates enemies with absolute precision of the bow he holds. His custom bow and incredible scouting ability ensure that even if you run you can’t escape.
– Shock Bolt: Fires an explosive beam that creates momentum that causes damage after a collision.
– Owl Drone: The ability to summon a drone is capable of throwing targets to detect enemies when it is hit.
– Recon Bolt: Shoots a bolt of energy that causes enemies to be detected if standing near.
– Ultimate (Hunter’s Fury): Shoot up to three sources of deadly energy throughout the map. Enemies hit take large amounts of damage and are marked.

5. Cypher

Cypher is a surveillance network that monitors every move of the enemy.
– Trapwire: Placing a stealth cord attached to a specific location, the enemy it touches will be detected and exposed in a short period of time, traps can be destroyed and upgraded.
– Cyber ​​Cage: Launch a remote trigger trap. Activate again to create a cage that slows enemies through it. Look at a trap and press USE to detonate it, or hold ACTIVATE to detonate all ..
– Signature (Spycam): Put a remote camera. Once set, reactivate to view the video feed. Left click to let the camera shoot a dart. It will recharge when upgraded or destroyed by the enemy.
– Ultimate (Neutral Thieft): Extract information from an enemy’s corpse, revealing the location of the enemy.

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Brimstone’s arsenal ensures his teammates always have an advantage over others. The ability to provide accurate and safe utilities makes him the boot commander no one can compare.
– Incindiary: Throw grenades to deal explosive damage.
– Stim Beacon: Increases fire rate for all allies in the designated area.
– Signature (Sky Smoke): Burning blindly blinds the opponent.
– Ultimate (Orbital Strike): Use your map to aim for a location, launch an air strike that deals massive damage in seconds.

7. Sage

Sage creates safety for herself and her team wherever she goes. Being able to revive fallen friends and prevent attacks, Sage brings calm to the player if included in the squad.
– Slow Orb: Throw a ball that creates a slow zone when it collides with the ground. All who enter are slowed down, unable to keep jumping and making noises when moving.
– Barrier Orb: Creates a barrier that prevents the opponent from damaging you directly.
– Signature (Healing Orb): Heal for a teammate or yourself.
– Ultimate (Resurrection): Revive teammates or other players after being destroyed.

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– Paranoia: Create a shadow in the direction indicated and cause dazzling for anyone to touch.
– Shadow Walk: Teleport to another position, short distance traveled.
– Signature (Dark Cover): Summoning the orb helps Omen hide.
– Ultimate (From the Shadows): Choose any location on the map to teleport and represent yourself as a Shade, and once defeated, the enemy will return to your previous location.
Above are all skills and game classes Valorant will appear right after launch, along with a variety of types. Valorant weapons in the game. Do not forget to refer in advance if you are intending to participate in the FPS battle in this game.


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