DFG hợp tác chiến lược toàn cầu với Bvex

DFG announces its strategic investment in Bvnex and participates in the global node

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According to official sources, DFG Crypto, a unit of the digital financial group DFG, announced a strategic investment in the Bvnex cryptocurrency exchange and joined the institutional investment node Bvnex.

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The two sides will develop multidimensional cooperation based on strategic investment and node cooperation. DFG Crypto will create vitality for the Vietnamese market and help Bvnex globalize.

Bvnex Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange established in Vietnam, focusing on legal currency transactions, investing in the primary market, connecting with leading community resources in Vietnam and holding about 80% of the traffic of blockchain enthusiasts is here.

An extensive user base has been established in this blockchain market. Bvnex is about to launch a global business plan for the certification of the BVNT platform and build a full Bvnex ecosystem chain.

Founded in 2015, Digital Finance Group (DFG) is a multinational corporation focused on cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and blockchain technology. The company manages over $ 550 million in assets and over $ 250 million in portfolio held by VC. Including portfolios in world-famous technology projects such as Brave, Ledger X and Circle.

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