Dial the computer screen with Action

Dial the computer screen with Action

Action is a versatile computer screen recording software suitable for all audiences and especially good support for gamers. Using a computer screen video recording by Action is a good choice for both mid-range computers without worrying about losing FPS.

On the market today there are a lot of computer screen recording software including Bandicam, Camtasia Studio or Action. If Bandicam emerges among them is the software used by a large number of users, then work Record computer screen video with Action will make you think again, Action software is aimed at gamers who regularly record video uploads on social networks such as Youtube, Facebook.

Shooting computer screen videos with Action will not make you worry about the capacity because the software has so many modes or frame drops that any movie recording software must be wary of. In addition to being easy to use is also one of the features emphasized by Action and if you are looking for a video screen recording software for your computer try to record your computer screen video with Action.

Instructions for recording a computer screen video with Action

Step 1: The first stage before you proceed to record a computer screen video by Action is to download Action about the computer here.

Step 2: After finishing downloading the Action, select it Vietnamese to install this software.

screen saver bang action 2

Step 3: This was followed by a welcome introduction to Action software, this step is nothing special, so you should Next continue.

screen saver bang action 3

Step 4: Here the software requires you to accept the terms of the Action, all in order to record a computer screen video with Action agree already.

screen saver bang action 4

Step 5: Then you click finish to complete the Action installation.

screen saver bang action 5

Step 6: At the first step of the Action interface you will see a tutorial for using the basic keys, remember to take this tutorial.

screen saver bang action 6

And this is the interface of the Action when you open this software.

screen saver bang action 7

Step 7: Before proceeding to record a video of your computer screen with Action, check it adjust Vietnamese language in section Setting okay, in this setup you can install a lot of other features that take a while to learn all these features.

Note: Action must be restarted to complete the action.

screen saver bang action 8

Step 8: The first part is to record a video with Video recording mode according to the screen, record full screen, shoot to output HDMI video or record video in game. After optimization, you can click on the round button below or press F9.

screen saver bang action 9

Step 9: Action supports both signals live streaming Very popular today, Taimienphi.vn will have a detailed review of this feature sent to readers later.

screen saver bang action 10

Step 10: After that is the brand Sound adjustment, microphone when performing video recording of computer screen by Action. If nothing special, just leave it at the default if you only record regular screen videos.

screen saver bang action 11

Step 11: The next part is Benchmarking Lets test the score on the computer you are using to see how strong it is.

screen saver bang action 12

Next is the section Take a picture with the F12 shortcut 3 types of formats are BMP, PNG, JPEG to help you save images while recording.

screen saver bang action 13

Step 12: Back to the problem of recording a computer screen video with Action, you can press F9 to record and stop recording and after the video is finished, the video will be in your list but it is not outside. To export you must choose to export the selected file.

screen saver bang action 14

Step 13: Next, choose a resolution or leave it at the computer’s default and press Start.

screen saver bang action 15

You finally received the notice Export successful, so the work of recording the computer screen video with Action is completed.

screen saver bang action 16

Above is an instruction on how to record a computer screen video with Action, used for gamers to be able to record their improvised “lighting” scenes, using Action is also a good solution for structured computers. The picture is not high but still want to shoot good quality videos.

And for the convenience of recording video on your computer screen, the frames are always stable, remember to always speed up your computer in ways like regularly cleaning junk, removing unused software and shortening viruses. . Only the basic methods that will help speed up your computer and use Action more stable.


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