Disconnect USB securely with USB Disk Ejector

You usually unplug the USB immediately after use or use Safe mode Safely Remove Hardware in the system tray. To be truly safe and avoid damaging your usb, you should use the USB Disk Ejector software

To ensure the safety of the USB, when you turn off you often use the Safely Remove Hardware dialog box, while you are in a hurry, you shorten this stage with shortcuts. So is there any software or utility that can do that?

And the answer for you is yes, with USB Disk Ejector you will use the shortcut combination to do this.

At the software USB Disk Ejector One thing that satisfies the user is that all USB and Firewire drives, memory cards are just a click away or you can use a simple shortcut combination that you set to turn off quickly. still safe.

Connect safely with the USB Disk Ejector mem

Because when running this software will run in the background and check for connections from outside. You just need to download the USB Disk Ejector and install it. The software will run automatically and display just below the right corner of the screen. When you plug in the USB device, the software will automatically identify the device.

Connect safely with the USB Disk Ejector mem

After using, you want to disconnect a certain device, just double click on the device name in the list. In the Options section of the software, you can customize the notification sound settings or the next operation when the device is disconnected or connected to the computer.

Connect safely with the USB Disk Ejector mem

If you want to create shortcuts for your convenience choose Hotkeys and set up specific shortcut combinations for each action of each device to be connected or disconnected from the computer.

Connect safely with the USB Disk Ejector mem

Then choose Add and click OK, got it

Software USB Disk Ejector was able to help you reduce the operation as well as ensure the USB safely. To be able to ensure data securely, you can refer to the article How to protect data securely with USB Disk Security.



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