Discovering new CSS-based vulnerabilities that caused iPhone to hang

Security researcher Sabri Haddouche has discovered a new CSS-based vulnerability that causes iPhones to crash, causing crashes of Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Internet Explorer 11 browsers.

Although the iPhone crashes when loading and displaying text, not opening specific links is not a new error, but the problem is more serious if there is malicious content that directly affects the device types. be different. Recently security researchers have just discovered a web based attack CSS, which causes iPhone to hang, causing browser errors such as Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and Safari to freeze when web pages that store specific CSS code formats are displayed.

Discovering new CSS-based vulnerabilities that caused iPhone to hang

Security researcher Sabri Haddouche recently shared a proof-of-concept website that demonstrates the flaw affects countless software on different devices. Accordingly the website in question contains only 15 lines of code.

Haddouche’s research addresses issues affecting browsers using Apple’s WebKit web rendering engine, including the problem of loading elements in the font filter property in CSS, taking up Use up device resources to load web pages, which is the reason why your device restarts due to a kernel panic error.

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The source on Neowin said the problem not only affects WebKit-based browsers, but also affects, temporarily causing browsers like Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 to be seen by users of the Edge browser. The error message displays for a few seconds on the screen as below:

Worth mentioning is that the corrupted CSS code does not affect the Chrome browser, load the page and display the content immediately, no problem. However, it is important that some devices freeze or freeze without causing the loss of sensitive data. Users can expect Microsoft and Apple to release new browser updates soon to fix this error.
In this time, YouTube TV web platform adds a dark theme so users can easily watch videos with a dark, eye-catching interface with lower contrast. Currently, YouTube TV users around the world can set this up through Settings.


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