Disordered keyboard, fix computer keyboard error, laptop with chaotic characters

Disordered keyboard, fix computer keyboard error, laptop with chaotic characters

Your computer keyboard, laptop does not work as you want, you type this character, the screen turns out to be a word, numbers, special symbols that are difficult to understand that many other users are frustrated and difficult bear, to quickly fix this illiterate keyboard error, Taimienphi has summarized the common causes and shared the remedy in the following content.

Nowadays, every family usually owns a computer for work and entertainment. Whether it’s work or play, the keyboard is really important. And having encountered some errors in the computer

Fix typographical keyboard errors

A lot of you wonder and ask about some errors when using the keyboard occur as follows:
– When using keystrokes Shift + 3 then in Word, the characters are out £ but rather a sign #, Shift + 2 back out but rather a sign @
– There are cases when using Vietnamese as words “D” it turned out to be “Dđ”
– Other cases appear strange characters such as: hhhhh, mmmmm, …
Taimienphi.vn will help you handle typographical errors, follow the article below to find out and find out how to fix your keyboard errors are encountered.

Table of Contents:
1. Vietnamese typing with accented errors.
2. Press the key on the letters abc … that it produces numbers 1,2,3 … 9. on the Laptop.
3. Appearance: hhhh, mmmm, … when typing.
4. Error typing Vietnamese to mobile phone.
5. Error entering keystrokes.
6. When typing a number or type a special character on the Laptop.
7. Computer keyboard error, laptop stuck.
8. Keyboard error due to water, liquid.
9. Keyboard error key does not work.
10. Keyboard error due to broken conductor.

Fix typographical keyboard errors

Case 1: Typing Vietnamese has an error sign, for example, type want to type “Review” but it appears

a. Reason: Do you choose the wrong font, or choose the wrong typing mode on Unikey, Vietkey. This error also often occurs when you use Facebook Messenger
b. Overcome: With Unikey you choose the option as shown below: Telex typing method, Unicode built-in mode, then select the font Time News Roman. With VNI font, choose VNI Windows typing method.
For Windows 10, refer to: Fix Vietnamese typing errors in Windows 10

how to fix the movie is not ok

For Windows XP, you can use any version, but with Windows 7 and Windows 8, you should pay attention to use versions reserved for these two operating systems. In addition, you should use the official releases such as “unikey 2.0”, “unikey 4.0”, rather than unofficial versions such as “unikey 4.0 RC1”, “unikey 4.0RC2”.

Case 2: Press the key on the letters abc … that it produces numbers 1,2,3 … 9. on the Laptop

a. Reason: Maybe you accidentally activated Fn + Numlock mode
b. Handling: press Fn + Numlock simultaneously to cancel numbering mode.

Case 3: Appearance: hhhh, mmmm, … when typing.

a. Reason: Mostly your keyboard is stuck a few keys so when typing will appear the above phenomenon.
b. Overcome: This phenomenon is very simple, you can repeatedly press the jammed key to temporarily overcome the phenomenon. If the problem persists, remove the paralyzed keys on the keyboard and clean your keyboard then try again!

Case 4: If you type Vietnamese like “d” then it will be “dđ”

a. Reason: Due to Vietkey, Unikey has an error
b. Overcome: When you encounter the above phenomenon, you need to exit all Vietnamese keyboards such as Vietkey, Unikey and try to open it again. If that doesn’t work, completely remove Vietnamese percussion from your computer, then reload the new Vietnamese percussion.

Case 5: When entering the keystrokes: Shift + 3 in Word to produce the pound character but rather # sign, Shift + 2 again “but rather the @ sign.

In addition, when you type in the areas of numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, there is no number appearing but it produces very strange characters such as: &, ¢, ®, ¥, ® …

a. Reason: Common when installing the computer you set the standard keyboard for the computer is not correct.
b. Overcome: You follow the steps from step 1 -> 6 below. Here I perform on my machine with the operating system win 10, the operating system win XP and win 7 readers do the same.

Step 1: Access to Settings by Start Menu.

guide to the film board

Step 2: Choose Time & Language (Time and language)

film ban xu ly bi loan

Step 3: Continue to choose Language, in section Preferred language Click on the first language displayed in the list and select Options.

The movie series was not released

Step 4: After selection Options We will see the table below. Click to select Add a keyboard Then choose the new keyboard standard for the device.

For example, the current standard keyboard used is: United States and now change to United Kingdom.

repair of the movie

Step 5: Click on the old standard keyboard and select Remove.

another movie was released

Case 6: When typing a number, type again or type a special number on the laptop

This is a recent error that you have asked Taimienphi.vn, that is when you type numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 … on the keyboard, the characters appear: ă, â, ê, ộ̀̉̃́ .. or !, @, #. $ … This error is rarely encountered, so those of you who have encountered this error will find it right away. For example, when you enter 1, 2, 3, 4 … into the address bar of the website to search, you can still enter normally, but when you return to type in Word, Excel …, you may encounter this error.

after the movie bi bi chu ban chu

a. Reason: This error is because the user has chosen an incorrect input language for the keyboard. Normally, instead of choosing ENG, the user chooses the language is VI or VIE, so this phenomenon happens.
b. Overcome: On the Taskbar, click the language bar -> then switch from VI or VIE to ENG as the image below is fixed (you can also use keyboard shortcuts Alt + Shift to manipulate faster).

how to beat the film board?

Case 7: Computer keyboard error, laptop is stuck

a. Reason: This error occurs when you do not clean regularly leading to dirt on the bottom of the foot and above the keyboard, making the keys close together become sticky, making it difficult to press. If left for too long will lead to jammed keys, pressing will be difficult, when pressed will be easily confused.
b. Overcome: You should clean the keyboard more often. If this error is already present, you need to remove the keyboard and clean with a brush, dry cloth, so use a blower to clean the dirt.

Case 8: Keyboard error due to being absorbed by water and liquid

a. Reason: This error may be due to your negligence during use, which leads to water or other liquids entering the keyboard foot, which, when pressed, you will not see any effect.
b. Overcome: With this error, it will depend on the amount of liquid that your keyboard unfortunately has to have a specific fix.
– If the amount of liquid on the keyboard is small, insignificant, you just need to turn the keyboard upside down to let the liquid run out and a few dry wipes can be used.
– If the amount of liquid on the keyboard is much, you should turn off the power immediately, at the same time remove the keyboard from the machine and then wipe, dry the circuit board and then reinstall to use.
– If the error is too serious that you can not handle it yourself, you need to quickly bring it to the computer repair and maintenance centers to be checked and dealt with promptly.

Case 9: Press the keyboard error does not work

a. Reason: Failure to click this effect may be due to long-term dust or may cause burning circuit … caused.
b. Overcome: If due to dirt, you need to clean under the foot press and the surrounding areas around the keys can not be pressed will overcome. And if you have a circuit fire, you need to bring it to a computer repair center for inspection, processing or it may need to be replaced.

Case 10: A keyboard error is caused by a broken cord

a. Reason: This error can be caused by taking too long, so the oxidized wire leads to break or it can also be caused by damage such as a “rat bite”.
b. Overcome: To handle this error, you should check that the correct position of the broken wire to reconnect will be usable. If you are a laptop, it will be more complicated because it will be difficult for you to handle itself without the necessary equipment, so the best way is to take it to a repair center to be checked and processed to fix. error.

Although typographical errors are common errors when using Laptop and this error causes many annoyance for users. With the instructions above, we have shown you how to fix errors in the most effective way. Now you can rest assured you can easily remove this error on your computer. For better keyboard protection you can refer to the article fix errors Watery keyboard which Taimienphi.vn has instructed earlier if in case the keyboard got water spilled from the drinking water cup.

Also you can refer to the way open virtual keyboard on Windows 7, 8.8.1, 10 for use in the most urgent cases that require a keyboard.

In the process of writing documents, the case of users typing but having illiterate characters and characters is often encountered. And if you are in this situation, this article will be a solution to help you fix computer keyboards, laptops with disordered characters quickly and without interrupting your current work. Good luck.



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