Display hidden files, virtual files when scanning with Recuva

Display hidden files, virtual files when scanning with Recuva

Sometimes you just need to not only find the original files, but also the virtual files, hidden files to complete the folder. To display hidden and virtual files when scanning with Recuva, you need to do the following.

Recuva software is one of the best products available today to “rescue” users when data loss. Even if the files have been deleted, wiped out in the trash, you still have a chance to recover them. Not only the original files, but even those hidden files, 0-byte files you can still recover. These files usually have the support effect to make a complete file, so you should restore it if necessary.

Show hidden files, virtual files when scanning with Recuva:

Step 1: At the Recuva interface, click Options.

Step 2: Switch the dialog box to Act.

Display file an state recuva

Step 3: Note the blank boxes, you can check the box to confirm what more files are scanned.

Display file an state recuva

Step 4: Mark the files you need to recover. Then press Agree.

Display file an state recuva

Finally, Scan files to find hidden files, hidden folders on the computer.

Display file an state recuva

This is an advanced feature very useful on Recuva, if you are having trouble losing data on your computer, please recover immediately by this way.

You can install Recuva now to recover lost data on your computer. Recuva’s capacity is very light, you can install Recuva quickly without affecting the computer and its capacity. After installation, use Recuva to scan the data like the last step we have just introduced.

When scanning deleted Word files with Recuva, a common mistake is that Word files are not displayed. You can completely fix the Word file when scanning with Recuva if it encounters a situation where the internal information is not displayed.

In addition, if you can’t find a file using Recuva, you can also use another software called Wise Data Recovery. With a third of the capacity of Recuva, but Wise Data Recovery is also a top choice for recovering data on a computer. Perhaps files that cannot be recovered by Recuva will be scanned with Wise Data Recovery.


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