Display network speed on Windows 10 taskbar

Display network speed on Windows 10 taskbar

Your home network is often jittery, short-lived, and you want to check your current network speed. Taimienphi.vn will guide you to use NetSpeedMonitor software to speed the network on Windows 10 taskbar as well as previous operating systems.

If you are a regular gamer, watching movies … then the erratic network situation will be a real obsession. If your home network is too jittery, then inSSIDer might help you. inSSIDer is a fast Wifi search tool, which helps you to change the connection to another network.

But if there is no alternative network, you must accept to use your Internet. To check the network speed, there are ways such as: Ping the network, the way Check the network ping Help you do this. But these operations are quite cumbersome and time consuming.

There is a way to help you catch the network status anytime on Windows 10, whether you are using Chrome to surf the web, or watch movies via VLC, you can clearly see the network ping, because it is integrated right at the bottom of the screen. computer picture Windows 10 your.

Display network speed on Windows 10 taskbar

First download the software NetSpeedMonitor

Step 1: After installing NetSpeedMonitor, right-click the software, select Properties. Select the Compatibility tab, continue to tick “Run this program in compatibility mode for” and select “Previous version of Windows”.

Step 2: Once the application has finished installing, select Yes as shown.

However, if the parameters below do not run, it means that you have not set up your network card

Step 3: To Customize your network card, turn on NetSpeedMonitor. In the General tab select the correct network card of your computer. Click OK to finish.

With just a few basic operations with NetSpeedMonitor software, you can check your network speed all the time. If the flickering situation, weak network still occurs, you should refer to the way speed up the Internet to access the network faster, use a more stable network.

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