Display numeric keys, activate numeric keys on the On-Screen Keyboard virtual keyboard

Turning on the display of the numeric keys on the virtual keyboard On screen keyboard allows you to easily enter data with the virtual keys, especially when users use the Windows operating system on mobile devices or touch.

Nowadays, using a virtual keyboard to enter text is no longer a rarity, especially when users do not have the convenience to type a computer keyboard, opening and using a virtual keyboard and displaying a numeric keypad on the keyboard. Virtual On-Screen Keyboard is especially convenient if users use on mobile devices with touch screens. There are many ways to use the On-Screen Keyboard and the software can also be opened on multiple versions from Windows 7 and up.

How to display the number pad on the On-Screen Keyboard virtual keyboard

However, the initial setting of the virtual keyboard does not display the numeric keypad as a mechanical keyboard, but fortunately this keyboard supports display of the numeric keypad on the virtual keyboard. If you do not know how to do it

How to display the number pad on the On-Screen Keyboard virtual keyboard

Step 1: Access virtual keyboard on Windows computer.

For Windows 7 and Windows 10, simply press the Start Menu button> type the keyword On-Screen Keyboard and click on search results to quickly open the virtual keyboard on Windows.

Displaying the movie on the movie screen

For Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, right-click on the Taskbar and select Touch Keyboard to open the virtual keyboard. Or you can also press the key combination Windows + S> type search keyword On-Screen Keyboard to search and open the virtual keyboard application.

start the movie on your computer

In addition, Taimienphi.vn also introduces you to many ways to open the virtual keyboard on Windows 10, 8.1, 7.

Step 2: On the virtual keyboard interface, find and select the item Options to open the virtual keyboard settings page.

Show the film screen on the film screen

Step 3: Click on the item Turn on numeric key pad. This is the section that allows you to enable the numeric keypad on the virtual keyboard On-Screen Keyboard of Windows.

activate the movie on the movie screen

Press Ok, got it to save.

So with just a few basic settings, you can completely open and display the numeric keys in the On-Screen Keyboard virtual keyboard on the Windows desktop.

activate your movie on your computer

On-Screen Keyboard virtual keyboard not only works as a tool that allows users to input from the screen but also helps a lot in case the user can not interact with the keyboard. In addition to On-Screen Keyboard, there are currently quite a lot of virtual keyboard software that provide quite prominent additional features such as Google Virtual Keyboar or Dialkeys and Comfort On Screen Keyboard.

If Comfort On Screen Keyboard stands out in a simple interface and supports multiple languages, Google Virtual Keyboard is a universal, multi-language and multi-language virtual keyboard that is trusted by many people. And when it comes to keyboards, you probably have to talk about the keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10 you know yet, with Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts that will help you work on your computer faster, in addition, these shortcuts work on Windows 10 Anniversary Update, so you can rest assured that you can update Windows 10 Annversary without difficulty using.

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