Display Ruler, a ruler that aligns margins in OpenOffice

The display of Ruler, the vertical ruler, is a way to support new users of the OpenOffice toolkit to adjust the margins according to their wishes so that the presentation is the most beautiful and professional, the following content, Taimienphi.vn will guide how to display Ruler, the standard ruler in OpenOffice.

OpenOffice has the full features of an office toolkit such as Office or LibreOffice, you can edit documents, create spreadsheets and create presentation slides on OpenOffice tools.

OpenOffice office toolkit is considered as a quite complete software suite only after Microsoft Office. OpenOffice is even more outstanding because it is completely free software. Instead of paying a small amount to buy Microsoft copyright Office 2016, users only need to download for free and use the OpenOffice toolkit with similar features.

OpenOffice office software is also ranked in the top 4 best free software to replace Microsoft Office. These tools will bring you many great choices that can be used instead of Microsoft Office office applications to edit documents, calculate spreadsheets … effectively.

Display Ruler, a ruler that aligns margins in OpenOffice

– Download OpenOffice: Download OpenOffice

On the OpenOffice interface will sometimes not display the ruler. The reason may be that the previous user or you accidentally turned it off.

hien thi can le openoffice

Implementation: Click on View. Select the check box on the Ruler.

Displayed in openoffice

Simple, right. The Ruler, the ruler for aligning margins in OpenOffice, is displayed again.

Display the ruler in openoffice

To customize the margins of the text. Click the red circle icon and move the mouse to align the margins.

Display the ruler in openoffice

Above is the small trick showing Ruler, the ruler aligns the margins in OpenOffice of Taimienphi.vn. You can also see more ways Insert link into OpenOffice for more tips on inserting sitelinks into this free office toolkit.

If using Word, you can easily display the ruler in the word thanks to the fairly simple manipulations that Taimienphi.vn has instructed. Good luck!


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