Bitcoi giảm tiếp về $32k khi Donald Trump lên tiếng nói bitcoin là trò lừa đảo

Donald Trump says Bitcoin is ‘scam’, BTC price drops to 32,000 USD

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Bitcoin drops to $32k as Donald Trump says bitcoin is a scam

Bitcoin price fell more than 10%, falling around the $32,000 mark, shortly after former US President Donald Trump expressed a negative view of the cryptocurrency.

In a recent interview with the business magazine Fox Business, Donald Trump emphasized his negative thinking on Bitcoin. He said:

Bitcoin is like a scam. I don’t like Bitcoin. I don’t want it to be seen as a currency that competes with the USD

Basically, Bitcoin was created against the currency of the world

For me, Bitcoin’s value is at $6,000 or much less.

I want the US dollar to be the currency of the world. That’s what I always say

After the above interview, BTC price immediately retreated to around 32,000 USD

price chart btc

In the past, as incumbent President, Trump occasionally tweeted about cryptocurrencies. So far, he has maintained his negative stance on Bitcoin and often voiced warnings about Bitcoin’s negative impact on the US dollar.

One of Trump’s stormy tweets of 2019 was: “I’m not a fan of Bitcoin. It is not a currency because its value is very volatile and is based entirely on trust.”

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