Double tattoos for men and women on wrists and shoulders

Looking for a mini tattoo (aka a mini tattoo) for tattoos? With mini mini tattoos in the article below of will help you choose the best mini tattoo for yourself quickly. Invite you to refer.

You don’t like big tattoos, scared of people talking. Now there are mini tattoo (called small tattoo), this tattoo is both revealing and few people can detect it, but it also helps to show the best personality and style. To get a very nice mini tattoo, let’s refer to the article below. With these tattoos, you can tattoo on your fingers, wrists, ankles, neck … easily.

Unique mini tattoo, impressive

Double tattoos for men and women on wrists and shoulders

Mini tattoo 21

Mini tattoo 22

Mini tattoo 23

Summary of the most beautiful mini mini tattoos

II. Meaning of mini tattoos for each tattoo location

Tattoos can be tattooed anywhere like the wrists, shoulders, back of the neck, ankles …, especially micro tattoos. Depending on the location, each tattoo brings different meanings.

1. Mini tattoo on hand

mini tattoo 2

Tattoos on the hands with the positions of the back of the hand, fingers, biceps, wrists … Tattooed people on the wrist, the hands are often extroverted, strong personality and very subtle . And the tattooed people on the fingers are introverts.

2. Micro tattoo on neck

mini tattoo 3

The tiny tattoo on the neck is an expression of the owner of the personality style, loves boldness and adventure. The neck is an easy-to-see area and the most painful place of tattoos compared to other locations. There are many types of tattoos in the neck, usually the moon, diamond, delta, small flower …

3. Mini tattoo on leg

mini tattoo 4

Small tattoos on the legs show the charm and femininity that is suitable for girls. But on every tattoo such as quotes, butterflies, flowers … the same color that this tattoo on the foot will convey a different touch.

4. Micro tattoo on the back

mini tattoo 5

Because the back tattoo is often difficult to see if you wear normal clothes, not revealing. Tattoos in this position often bring to the looker, you are a little shy and a bit mysterious. Depending on the location of the tattoo on the back, when the tattoo is exposed, it will create a sexy and sexy charm.

5. Small tattoo on the shoulder

mini tattoo 6

Usually, the mini tattoo on the shoulder is for girls to express sweetness and charm. Moreover, the girls when tattooed in this position are sincere in love and relationships.

6. Mini tattoo behind the ear

mini tattoo 7

Like the back, behind the ears is also a hidden position, few people pay attention. This is the right place for you to get a small tattoo. The person who owns the tattoo behind his ear is someone who is careful and discreet. They want to show and hide something at the same time.

II. The most beautiful, poisonous small tattoos are the most popular

1. Collection of the best and most beautiful mini tattoos

(Mini tattoo 21)

Mini tattoo patterns on wrist, hand, shoulder, chest, arm …

(Mini tattoo 22)

Mini tattoo cute animal cute

(Mini tattoo 23)

Tattoo mini men, women beautiful, quality

2. Mini tattoo for women

Women often prefer small tattoos with soft, thin floral, leaves, branches or diamonds.

mini tattoo 8

Small star shape on wrist

mini tattoo 9

4-leaf clover is also chosen as a small quality mini tattoo with the meaning of desire for good luck will always be around

mini tattoo 10

Small diamond tattoo with different colors and tattoos are many different positions

mini tattoo 11

Small tattoo designs swan couple are inputting together to form the heart suitable for women destiny

mini tattoo 12

Small tattoos are her favorite as the ball, angel, dancer …. You can tattoo in many different positions

2. Mini tattoo for men

Not only for women, small tattoos are also suitable for men to tattoo on fingers, wrists … The hottest small tattoos for men today are:

mini tattoo 13

Dragon tattoo symbolizes freedom, power, this is the work that men are very popular with

mini tattoo 14

Small dragon tattoo on the back is simple and attractive

mini tattoo 15

Buddha tattoo brings luck meaning, wishes for cover and peace. For Buddhist tattoos, you can tattoo on the back of the neck or on the back to express gratitude and respect.

mini tattoo 16

Small tattoo with beautiful anchor design in the ankles

mini tattoo 17

Mini tattoo with double carp in wrist

mini tattoo 18

The eye tattoo in the triangle of the devil is appropriate for the finger

III. Double mini tattoos for the hottest couples today

In order to show their love for each other, couples nowadays often choose to have double tattoos below instead of wearing other clothes.

mini tattoo 19

Small tattoo showing heart beat – ECG

mini tattoo 20

Hand hooked tattoos symbolize a commitment to lasting love

mini tattoo 21

Beautiful triangle tattoo, also an upward arrow to show growing love

Mini tattoos are not only beautiful but also cute and are being chosen by many young people. This small mini tattoo has a small appearance but very good quality, attracting all eyes.
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