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Download Responsive Blogspot Template for free


Finding and downloading the Responsive Blogspot Template is difficult, the reason is not because these templates are rare, but on the contrary, there are too many beautiful and quality templates to choose from, which makes users confused when choosing. Taimienphi has compiled a list of top 5 beautiful free Responsive Blogspot Template for you to refer.

Responsive template is an interface template that can automatically scale to display for compatibility with different screen sizes with CSS scripts. You can write your own CSS to apply Responsive to the website, this requires you to have knowledge of programming. However you can still do this for your Blogger by downloading and installing these Responsive Blogspot Template Very nice free in the list below.

Download responsive blogspot template, free of charge

Top 5 Responsive Free Blogspot Template

1. Newcon

The clean, minimalistic interface is the first impression that most users see Newcon. As you dive into exploring the content within, you will notice many interesting things in Responsive Blogspot Templatefree this.

download responsive blogspot template with free template 2

Newcon is a complete template of the interface, users will not need to edit anything more. Besides the ability to display perfect content on mobile devices, Newcon is optimized to improve page load speed, and is friendly to the Google search engine.

– Download Newcon here

2. Sigma

Sigma is also a prominent template in the top list Responsive Blogspot Template for free Get much love and positive reviews from the user. Sigma template has a modern style with blue-black tone, suitable for Blogger with news, lifestyle, business, games, technology, etc.

download responsive blogspot template without cuc 3

With Sigma you will have 2 different types of interface layouts to choose from. Regardless of the interface type, they are SEO-friendly, and are fully and clearly displayed on all devices.

– Download SIGMA here.

3. Smooth

Among the Responsive Blogspot Template for free I would recommend Smooth is the most user-friendly interface. The design of Smooth is simple, clear and suitable for most content topics. Besides, this interface has extremely powerful customization capabilities, allowing users to easily edit with drag and drop.

download responsive blogspot template without cuc 4

If you want to find a suitable interface to place Adsense money ads on a blogger site, Smooth will be an ideal choice. The advertising space on this interface template is programmed to automatically balance, ensuring beautiful display and full content even on small screen sizes.

– Download Smooth here.

4. MSora

The MSora interface template is suitable for users who want to build a personal blog, news site, writer, photographer, … with a classic 3-column design. In the middle of the MSora interface is the article area that occupies the largest area, revealing to the image viewer and a piece of content. 2 sides are columns of featured categories and columns of articles of interest to help users search and find.

download responsive blogspot template without cuc 5

MSora is a model Responsive Blogspot Templatefree and carefully programmed so that all components can be automatically aligned accordingly. Therefore, if you want to change the original layout, this interface still retains the ability to automatically scale and fit on many devices.

– Download MSora here.

5. Techmax

Techmax towards websites creating content about technology news should use unique icons and many creative effects when users interact with the website.

download responsive blogspot template without cuc 6

Other outstanding advantages of Responsive Blogspot Template for free This is a very nice page loading speed. Techmax scraps away most of the redundant components so the content presentation space should give you plenty of space to place ads. The interface is also compatible to balance the full display of content and ads on each device of the user.

– Download Techmax here.
With the popularity of mobile devices, users now have more ways and more time to surf the web. To be ready to welcome users everywhere, every time, the design of Responsive interface is a trend that cannot be changed. Hope for the top 5 Responsive free Blogspot Template Taimienphi has just shared will help you improve the visibility of the website, attract more visitors. Besides, you refer to the sample Standard Blog Blog Template for free here. Good luck!



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