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Free Blogspot news template templates are often preferred by many users because of their beauty and cost savings when used. However, not all templates are really quality, you will spend a lot of time to search and try to get a free news Blogspot template like that.

Use Free Blogspot news template is a smart way to have a beautiful website interface without spending too much money, but it will take you a long time to find a template like that. In this article, Taimienphi will introduce you to free and quality news Blogspot templates to help you shorten the time to search and use for other tasks.

Introducing 5 free Blogspot news templates

Top 5 free and quality News Blogspot templates

1. Newsnator Blogger Template

If you are going to search for yourself samples News Blogspot Template The best free one Newsnator will be the brightest candidates that you need to care about. Simple, direct and effective is what users often comment on as this interface template.

Download the free blogspot template template 2

Newsnator is designed according to Responsive standards so make sure your website will be compatible and display full content on the screen of popular devices today. The whole main interface part of Newsnator All focus on the article and are presented in large grid format so it is easy to attract users’ eyes.

Newsnator is already a complete template for the news blog, but if you are not satisfied, you can continue editing with the included tool.

Download the template here: Download Newsnator

2. NewsForge Template Blogspot

From the very beginning, developers were eager to design in the direction ofProfessional free Blogspot news template. And they succeeded in doing this.

download blogspot template for free newsletter 3

NewsForge have dark background tones that help users feel comfortable and focus on content columns, articles with lighter tones. This interface template is localized into a traditional 3 column format. The left column is the main categories, the right is the featured articles, and the middle is where the content is displayed.

Not only is a Blogspot template suitable for news sites or magazines, NewsForge SEO friendly. Thanks to that, your website will attract more visitors.

Download the template here: Download NewsForge

3. Sparks Blogger Template

Sparks are Free Blogspot news template But it got a lot of developer attention. The proof is that this interface template regularly releases updates to fix bugs or add new features to support users.

download blogspot template for free news 4

This interface template is a 2-column layout that feels clean and airy for users. Similar to most popular interfaces today, Sparks Also optimized with the search engines. Besides, Sparks also put a lot of space in the layout so you can place and earn Adsense ads.

Download the template here: Download Sparks

4. MagtiMate Template Blogspot

MagtiMate Impress users by its minimalist and modern. The programming code of MagtiMate clean and no redundancy, so the content download speed is fast, users will not have to waste time waiting.

download blogspot template for free news 5

MagtiMate aims to be News Blogspot template Free and versatile should be suitable for many purposes such as technology pages, portals, magazines, … Another strength of this template is the ability to support very well with many post formats. write, this is exactly what a news site needs.

Download the template here: Download MagtiMate

5. Blogspot Template – Wagazine

As a sample News Blogspot template free but Wagazin focus more on optimizing the advertising capabilities on the page. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when Wagazine has very good SEO ability, in order to attract users to visit.

download blogspot template for free news 6

In addition to the ability to attract users to the site from the search engine, Wagazin is also equipped with a Responsive feature, thus ensuring good visibility regardless of whether the user views on any device. It can be said that Wagazine has done very well to increase the attractiveness and retention of visitors.

Download the template here: Download Wagazine
In the content of the article, Taimienphi has introduced about 5 samples News Blogspot template Free and quality for your reference when building yourself a news site, newspaper, magazine, … online. To install or learn more about free Blogspot template themes, please read the download article Personal Blogspot template free offline. Good luck!


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