Download the free Personal Blogspot template

The free personal Blogspot template provided on the web is the perfect choice if you do not want to spend too much money creating a blog for yourself. Besides, you also have more time to focus on developing more quality content.

It only takes that you have created a personal blog for yourself. However, this is just the beginning and you still have a lot of work to do then like designing the interface for the website. Luckily, with those list Personal Blogspot template free , quality Taimienphi introduced below, you will easily have a satisfactory interface without spending too much time.

Download free personal Blogspot template

List of 5 impressive Free Blogspot personal templates

1. Olivia

Olivia is a model Personal Blogspot template free Great if you’re a fan of minimalism. Users easily recognize this immediately when viewing images from the demo. However, only when you download and install on the website interface, you can run out of the uniqueness in this design.

download blogspot template free download 2

The name of the Blog is impressively displayed in the Banner to help loyal readers quickly realize who their blog is visiting. Olivia interface is arranged in 3 beautiful columns, professionally designed footer, with many rich support utilities, … to make the website more attractive and efficient to operate.

– Download Olivia here.

2. Impreza

If you want to build a personal blog in the style of a magazine, Impreza will be the right choice for you. Personal Blogspot Template Free This uses a light background tone to bring out the inside. With this design, your blog will look more polite and professional.

download blogspot template free download 3

The Department of Impreza focuses on presenting content. The article title is highlighted in bold right below the large illustrations that attract the eyes of the viewers. Other features like sharing buttons on social networks will help your blog reach more people.

– Download Impreza here.

3. Expresso

Espresso is the sample Personal Blogspot template Free have locally different rooms than regular blogs. This design will be suitable for those who want to find creativity and attract the eyes of the viewer.

download blogspot template free 4

User avatar is placed to the right, different from the usual. The introduction is separated and placed at the top of the content to create a sense of breaking. If it’s still not attractive enough, you can edit it yourself with the included custom tool.

– Download Expresso here.

4. Trendy

With a lifestyle theme, Trendy will be Personal Blogspot template free suitable for you. This design uses the predominant white color tone to bring an elegant and neat feeling. The image of the article is quite large, but when placed next to the smaller text, it helps to direct the eyes of the user, without causing discomfort.

download blogspot template free download 5

This template also has shortcut buttons for sharing posts on social networks in the right corner. Or you can use them to link your blog to your personal social networking site.

– Download Trendy here.

5. Orchid

Orchid Blogger is Personal Blogspot template free extremely SEO friendly. You will not need to spend a lot of time optimizing your website for search engines, instead you can focus more and produce quality, compelling content.

download free blogspot template 6

A big plus for Orchid is owning a convenient and beautiful toolbar. Directly below the menu, users can display a list of featured articles that form a slide. Readers can easily see the outstanding articles you want to recommend.

– Download Orchid here.
So Taimienphi just shared with you 5 Personal Blogspot template free , profession. Be quick to choose a suitable interface template to start building an attractive personal blog. Besides, you refer to the sample Blogspot Sales Template for free here. Good luck!


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