Draw a mind map in Powerpoint

Drawing mind maps in Powerpoint is a commonly used way to show charts, statistics for the presentation. Follow the instructions of Taimienphi.vn to draw a mind map in Powerpoint.

Powerpoint is part of the Microsoft Office 2016 application suite. This year, Microsoft has released the Microsoft application suite Office 2016 with advanced features. These include the integration of Lync and Skype features for businesses.

In the Microsoft Office office suite, not only Powerpoint can create mind maps. Another office software that is the most used can also do this. That is Microsoft Word, a text editing tool. Way Draw a mind map in Word There are many similarities with Powerpoint, because they are simply in the same software package manufactured by Microsoft.

Instructions for drawing mind maps in Powerpoint

Step 1: On the Powerpoint interface, notice the Shapes section.

compared to the one maintained on powerpoint

Step 2: Click on Shapes or enlarge the full-screen Powerpoint interface. Then click on the box to create a mind map. Can zoom in and out of diagrams as you like.

checkpoint is powerpoint

Step 3: Right-click in the middle of the diagram frame, select Edit Text to enter information into the frame.

Tickets made by ty duy in powerpoint 2016

Create additional hyphens and thinking diagrams by selecting in the Shapes section, then entering the corresponding Text.

check the box number in powerpoint

There are many patterns to create mind maps in the Shapes section for you to choose from.
check the box number in powerpoint

Step 4: To create a background for the mind map, click Quick Styles. Then choose the color you want.

check the box number in powerpoint

Step 5: You can also change the font color by clicking on the text. Select the A color icon and choose the font color you want.

check the box number in powerpoint

This is also the entire guide of Taimienphi.vn on drawing mind maps on Powerpoint. After reading this article, you already know how to draw a mind map to present slides on this office tool, right?

If you want to use professional mind maps, create difficult mind maps, high technical requirements for the job, you can refer to top software for generating mind maps. These are professional software, indispensable if you want to create mind maps.


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