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FastStone Image Viewer is a free image editing software that we will introduce to you in this article. As you all know the function of a photo editing software is to create photos of your liking with FastStone Image Viewer so you can edit photos on them.

In addition to the function on FastStone Image Viewer, it is also known for other functions such as viewing images, browsing images, creating side images … This article will guide you on some features of FastStone Image Viewer. When it comes to photo editing, you will immediately think of familiar software like Photoscape or Photoshop, and in fact there are many people who download PhotoScape and download Photoshop to use on their computer. Today we will introduce to you another photo editing software that helps create beautiful images like dreams, which is FastStone Image Viewer.

How to edit photos like a dream with FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer is one of the free software for viewing and editing photos, with simple custom but gives you beautiful images with available effects and frames. With a low capacity, suitable for any computer, FastStone Image Viewer has become an image editing tool that many people love and use.

* Download FastStone Image Viewer completely free: Download FastStone Image Viewer

Edit photo:

This function allows you to edit photos as you like. With FastStone Image Viewer allows you to crop photos, increase the image size, add text, rotate the image 90 °, increase the color, combine 2 images into 1 … There are 2 ways to do the first you select the image and then click on the icon on the taskbar Tools or from Edit => the corresponding function

For example: I want to change the number 1 photo to a black and white photo to have a bit of nostalgia I do the following:

Step 1: Choose picture (1)

Step 2: Use Adjust Lighting on the toolbar (2)

Step 3: Proceed to edit (3)

By adjusting the parts: Shadows, Highlights, Contrast, Saturation we get the desired image. To save it, click OK (4) and we get the following image:

Please try to do the same with features such as adjusting sharpness, framing, adjusting the background, blur … to get the photos you want.

Create slideshow automatically:

Viewing each image takes you a lot of time, you want the photos to run automatically without having to manually next. Please select the function Create automatic slide show (slide show) in Faststone Image Viewer. This is a feature that allows photos to run continuously after a certain amount of time, like setting the time for them to run.

From Create, choose Slide Show Builder or Alt + S

Adjustments in Slide Show Builder

Slide Show Builder dialog box appears, select Add Files or Add Folder to add photos. Here I choose Add File (1), next select the background color for the slide and the time for the photos (2) by default is 3s, you want the images to run longer can be adjusted to 10s, 15s depending on you , let photos run randomly you tick Randomly add the music you choose to music … (3), you choose the size (4). Choose a style for Slide (5)

After choosing the type, click Create (6) and select Save (7) to save. So you have created a Slide image already. In addition to creating slides, you can choose other options in the Create menu to create interesting things from your own photos.

Photo Effects functions:

This is a function that allows you to create photos with backgrounds or dubbing, creating lead images …

An image is created when using the functions in the Effects menu.

Photo viewing function:

When you lack the tools to view images or you want to view images on many different tools, FastStone Image Viewer is a reasonable choice for you, it can help you enlarge, reduce … you can use it. as an additional tool beyond the existing tool.

From the main features mentioned above FastStone Image Viewer is considered a versatile software, along with its brother FastStone Capture, this is a useful screen capture and video recording utility, you can see more How to use FastStone Capture to take screenshot popular today.



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