Edit Firewall Rules on Windows 10

Edit Firewall Rules on Windows 10

After changes since the Windows Vista version, firewall rules have generally not changed much until Windows 10. Incoming connections to programs are blocked unless they are on the allowed list. Foreign connections are blocked if they do not match.

There are some web addresses that you do not want to connect or you do not allow families to connect. In this article, TaiMienPhi will guide you to edit Firewall Rules to fit your needs.

Edit Firewall Rules on Windows 10

1 – Customize in Windows Firewall

– You open the firewall settings by pressing the key Windows on the keyboard and type “fire wall”.

Correct firewall rules on the computer

– Board Windows Firewall A link will appear that will connect the device to the device. You can adjust the reliability of the transmission line from the public to the family.

The device allows you to use critical information in the firewall

2 – Allow the program through Windows Firewall.

– The reason why users feel uncomfortable because before the program has to work through firewalls sometimes users have to manipulate manually. You can allow the program to be allowed to run without having to go through the firewall:

Install firewall on Windows 10

Private: Private
Public: Public

To allow the application, simply search for the application in the list and then check the box for the type of network you want to allow to operate.

– If you have too many programs that do not want to run through the firewall, then turn it off by:

Allows programs to run through the firewall

The above is also a way to turn on and off Firrewall that we have guided you, turning on and off the firewall helps you do many different things such as sharing files, playing games …

3 – Advanced Firewall Settings

– Think carefully before setting up advanced firewall systems because it is easy to get in trouble with this feature. If you have too much trouble, you can restore the settings.

Advanced firewall settings

– You can quickly see how internal and external connections are managed by the firewall. By default, all outgoing connections are allowed. If you want to block outgoing connections, click Outbound Rules in the left column.

Advanced firewall settings on Windows 10

– Continue to choose New Rule … and you can block the connection with the following options:

Correct firewall settings on Windows 10

Program: Block connection from a program.

Port: Block connection from port HTTP From any web browser, you will block the connection to the website when using all browsers such as chrome, IE, Edge, ..

Predefined: Block an address Website

Custom: Manually create connection block.

Choose Port and press next then continue to choose TCP and type the port number you want to block (default is 80).

Set rules for firewall on windows 10

– Choose next and select the format for these addresses. In this case TaiMienPhi choose “Block the connection”.

Connect to a program on Windows 10

That’s it! The final step is that you can apply this type of blocking to customizations Private (Private) or Public (Public).

Set firewal rules on the computer

Hopefully, through the above article, you have written how to edit Firewall Rules on Windows fluently. Good luck.


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