Edit PDF files with Foxit PDF Editor

Edit PDF files with Foxit PDF Editor

Currently there are many software that allows us to view and edit PDF files very well but Foxit PDF Editer is probably the most professional software. To better understand Foxit PDF Editor, please follow the article on editing PDF with Foxit PDF Editor below.

Foxit PDF Editor is the software that provides the most powerful features for users to handle and perform edits with the PDF file such as view, create, add photos, edit fonts, … Originally PDF file is considered a difficult format to edit, but with Foxit PDF Editor editing PDF files will become easier than ever.

Main features of Foxit PDF Editor

– View and create PDF files
– View PDF files in detail, the most complete
– Add new, delete existing pages
– Change font, color, edit, delete, insert text, new characters into the text.
– Zoom in, zoom out the text page
– Insert image from bitmap file.
– Change other image properties for object illustration.
– Undo the jobs that have been edited
– Can perform copying operations to other Microsoft text applications.


You can download Foxit PDF Editor to your computer with the following link: Download Foxit PDD Editor

Step 1: The most basic editing functions of Foxit PDF Editor have been displayed through the toolbar icons, which you will probably be familiar with because these functions are similar to those in Microsoft Word.

guide to edit pdf file with foxit pdf editor

Step 2: First, open the PDF file you need to edit by clicking the folder icon, or using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + O. After you have selected, click Open.

how to edit pdf file with foxit pdf editor on your computer

Step 3: After opening the file, you can adjust the file size to view it by pressing the function button on the toolbar

View @ 100% (1): View file with full size
Fit Page (2): View the file size to fit the frame of the software
Fit Width (3): View the file with the maximum size all the way horizontally
Zoom Tool (4): Zoom in, hold Ctrl to zoom out

download foxit pdf editor to download the computer

Step 4: Initially you will not be able to edit the file, you need to click on the word icon T or T + to start editing. After editing, you can click on the hand icon again to make it easier to see.

– T – Text Edit Tool: Edit directly on words in a PDF file

– T + – Text Plus Tool: Choose any position on the page and write more text.

edit the fox file foxit pdf editor

Step 5: Once you have selected the text you want to edit, you can edit the PDF file as desired, such as copying, editing, deleting, adjusting the font, resizing the text, aligning the text, making it bold, italic, underline, and spacing. line, adjust position to the top or bottom of the bottom toolbar. You can also adjust the font color in the Color icon.

doc file pdf foxit pdf editor

Step 6: You can also add images to the PDF file by selecting Edit on the toolbar, navigate to Images => Insert or you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + D.

see the foxit pdf file pdf editor

Step 7: After you have finished editing, click on the icon Save or a shortcut combination Ctrl + S to save the edited file

part foxit pdf editor xy ly ly pdf file

Step 8: You can also print the edited PDF by clicking the printer icon or using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P.

part foxit pdf editor corrected pdf file

Above is how to edit PDF files with Foxit PDF Editor. Hopefully, through the above article of Taimienphi.vn, you will be able to easily handle and edit PDF files. Good luck.

If you do not want to use the above PDF file editing method, you can convert PDF to Doc to edit on word, then convert to PDF also, but how to convert PDF to Doc for editing will take time. more fraudulent.


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