Effective marketing support tools on Facebook

Facebook has become one of the best marketing channels for businesses through creating opportunities to increase brand awareness and show corporate culture. With Facebook marketing tools, you can share videos, photos related to interesting services, products or content, as long as it connects to your business and has the potential to increase. operative.

You will need some support tools to optimize your marketing campaign. If you are still wondering, read this article to find out details about useful tools that will allow you to increase marketing effectiveness on Facebook.

Effective marketing support tools on Facebook

Summary of marketing support tools on Facebook:
1. Meet Edgar.
2. Pagemodo.
3. Post Planner.
4. Qwaya.
5. ShortStack.
6. Socedo.
7. MobileMonkey.
8. Socialbakers.
9. SocialOomph.
10. Sprout Social.
11. Timeline Contest AgoraPulse.

1. Meet Edgar

Marketing support campaigns on facebook

First on this list, we have to mention Meet Edgar’s social media planning and management tool. It allows updating your post in real time to optimize quality. You can connect Meet Edgar to your Facebook page through the web plugin. Besides, this tool will also help you schedule articles and track them through a simple and convenient process while still bringing more potential customers.

2. Pagemodo

marketing campaigns on facebook 2

Pagemodo is another great Facebook marketing tool. It has an intuitive editor that helps you set up your Facebook page as you like. You can customize your Facebook business page with impressive cover photos, add custom tabs and create contests to engage your target audience. In addition, Pagemodo also provides useful analysis.

Website: https://www.pagemodo.com/

3. Post Planner

marketing campaigns on facebook 3

With Post Planner, you can manage your Facebook posts smarter. This tool will help you find, plan, and post engaging content to maximize engagement. Besides, Post Planner also allows you to schedule publishing schedule at certain times.

4. Qwaya

Effective marketing campaigns on facebook 4

Slightly different from the above, Qwaya can help you run and manage ads effectively on Facebook. It has some powerful features and a simple web interface, which helps increase traffic to the landing page or even on the main Facebook page through the modern ad creation process. You can schedule campaigns and optimize performance by pausing ineffective ads.

– Download Qwaya here.

5. ShortStack

marketing campaigns on facebook 5

ShortStack has established itself as the most powerful marketing platform for Facebook contests and giveaways. It makes it easy to build and publish campaigns, integrating analytics into one platform. You can get real-time insights on views, shares, traffic sources and more.

6. Socedo

marketing campaigns on facebook 6

Socedo is a cloud-based social media marketing software that helps you get qualified leads in real time. It helps you analyze data so that it allows you to make better decisions. Its impressive lead monitoring feature helps marketers track purchasing behavior and generate detailed reports on goals.

7. MobileMonkey

marketing campaigns on facebook 7

Not focusing on content or advertising, MobileMonkey is a tool to help create Facebook chatbots, automate support and marketing tasks. It can help you create chat bots and allow you to tag people to create lists based on your interests, then send relevant information to what they care about.

8. Socialbakers

marketing campaigns on facebook 8

Socialbakers is a social media marketing suite powered by artificial intelligence (AI) technology. It has great tools to build marketing campaigns on Facebook, helping you understand your audience better. You can build long-term relationships with customers and use benchmarking tools to analyze campaign performance.

9. SocialOomph

marketing campaigns on facebook 9

SocialOomph is one of Facebook’s best marketing tools for users who want to increase their reach and number of followers. Besides the automatic features that help schedule and publish posts, you can also manage an unlimited number of Facebook accounts. Even SocialOomph also helps you track the most searched keywords.

10. Sprout Social

marketing campaigns on facebook 10

Sprout Social helps you build relationships with potential customers. It gives you useful data after analyzing detailed information about potential customers. You can take advantage of display data by separating data based on location, age, and gender for better targeting.

11. Timeline Contest AgoraPulse

marketing campaigns on facebook 11

This is a great marketing tool of Facebook to increase interaction on Facebook. You can run sweepstakes, quizzes and photo contests directly on the timeline. You can run any kind of contest, as many times as you like, on all the sites you manage.

The above tools can help you effectively reach customers and potential customers. You can start conversations and build relationships, track the performance of your posts and schedule them in the best way. With Facebook Marketing tools, you can target the right customers, increase visibility and reach them.

All of the tools we mentioned above can help you achieve your goals. Now, what you need to do is try to find the best option.


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