Enable “Metered Connection” connection control on Windows 10

If you use 3G network or you need to care about daily traffic, every internet usage session on your computer, on the latest updated versions of Windows 10 and above, you can turn Metered on and off. Connection helps you control data, minimize download traffic.

Metered Connection is the feature “meter” flow used each time using the computer. Using the Metered Connection feature will help you easily control and restrict access to network connections, especially for individuals using 3G or subscription networks. Metered Connect can save network traffic when this feature only downloads updates that are prioritized, disables Store updates, limits synchronization, and downloads tiles on the computer. So how to turn Metered Connection on and off, please follow the instructions below of Taimienphi.vn offline.


Step 1: Press the key combination Windows + I to open the window Windows Settings and choose Network & Internet.

Step 2: In the left column, select Wi-Fi to set up and turn off Metered Connection for wireless networks. Next comes the selection Manage known networks.

Turn off the metered connection

Step 3: This will display a list of Wi-Fi networks that have been saved on your computer when you are connected to that network. Select the Wi-Fi network you want to set Metered Connection to be turned on and off Properties.

Turn off the metered connection

Step 4: Here you will see the line displayed:

Connect automatically when in range : Automatically connects when in range

Metered connection : Flow control

Click the switch icon below the Set as metered connection line to turn Metered Connection on and off.

Turn off the metered connection

So you have finished turning off the metered connection, if you reset the network connection, all metered connection settings are also returned to the original. In the same way, you can also set up and turn off metered connection for other Wi-Fi networks, for wired networks, the metered connection function will be updated in the Windows Creator version with similar settings. wireless self network. In addition to activating the data control feature on the computer, you can also set the display of network speed on the computer screen using a tool NetSpeedMonitorand many other tools.

In addition, after using Windows 10 for a while, your computer will become slower, now you need to reset your Windows 10, how to reset Windows 10 is quite simple, not as difficult as many people think, You can do it yourself.


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