Encrypt the USB drive with the BitLocker function on Windows

Encrypt the USB drive with the BitLocker function on Windows

Bitlocker is a new feature that Microsoft added for Windows 7/8 with the purpose of encrypting the drives, thereby increasing data security.

USB is a compact device, used to store data and facilities to serve the needs of users to move easily. But because USB is small in size, it is also easy to lose and if anyone picks it up, can use the data contained therein. Therefore, in the following article, Ttaimienphi will guide you to encrypt USB by Bitlocker to secure the data in USB.

How to encrypt a USB drive with BitLocker

Step 1: Plug in the USB and turn on the Bitlocker Drive Encryption function of Windows 7/8

After plugging the USB in, click the icon Start, tap on that Bitlocker Drive Encryption then press Enter.

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Step 2: Conduct USB encryption

Bitlocker window appears, the list of computer drives is also listed. You click on Turn on Bitlocker next to the USB drive name.

Next, the program will ask how to unlock the drive after encryption. There are 2 methods: Encryption with password and SmartCard. Although encryption with SmartCard is stronger than passwords, in this article we will use Password encryption because this is an easier way to encrypt.

Step 3: Click in the box Use a password to unlock the drive and enter the password into 2 boxes Type your password and Retype your password (2 passwords are the same) and then press Next.

Step 4: The program will ask you where to store the password recovery key in case you forget the password. Please click on Save the recovery key to a file to proceed to save the key to the computer directory and then press next

Step 5: Finally click Start Encryption to conduct encryption.

Above we showed you how to encrypt a USB drive with the BitLocker function available in Windows, so that all data stored on your USB is absolutely confidential. In addition, you can use the USB protection software available in Taimienphi.vn, using these utilities will simplify the operation.


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