English sentences to ask about money, buying and selling when traveling

Often when traveling, we often buy souvenirs to give to our friends and relatives at home. If you are preparing to travel abroad, here are the English questions that ask you how much money you can buy and sell when traveling.

English sentences to ask about money, buying and selling when traveling

You have hobbies to travel abroad but your English is limited. This makes you inferior to visit and shop because you do not know how to ask for the price? Do not worry, because you just need to pocket the price questions that Taimienphi.vn introduced below, it will not be confusing to meet your favorite item or want to buy as a gift after each trip.

But the English language experts buy you when traveling

Basic English communication in business when traveling

English sentences to ask about money, buying and selling when traveling

In any tourist destination, too, the cutting-off of tourists will occur. So, to avoid being bought expensive items, here are the English questions asking the price, buying and selling when traveling abroad that should be understood to ask and pay:

How to ask for money in English

– Do you sell any …? or Do you have any …? – Is there a sale here …?
– How much is it? – How much is this? (point at map and ask).
– How much does it cost? – How much is this?
For example: How much do these hats cost? – How much are the hats?
– How does it sell for? – How does this sell?
– What is the price of ….?
For example: What is the price of this coat? – How much is this jacket?
– How much are these? – How much are these?
– Have you got anything cheaper? – Do you have a cheaper one?
– Do you have this item in stock? – Are you still in stock?
– Do you know anywhere else I could try? – Do you know where this sale is available?
– Does it come with a guarantee ?: Is this product warranted?
– Do you deliver ?: Do you have delivery products?
– Is it returnable? – Can this product be returned?
– Where is the fitting room? – Where is the fitting room?
– Can you give me any off? – Is there a discount for madam / boss?
– I’d like to return this. I want to return this.
– Do you have the receipt? – Is there an invoice?
– What is the price after the discount? – How much is the discount after discount?
– Do you take cash / check / credit card? – Is there a cash / check / credit card payment?
– May I try it on? – Can I try on things?

Ask for the total price in English

What is the total? – How much is the total?

The capture and memorization of English questions asking prices, routes will help tourists have a great experience and delight in playing and shopping without fear of being “hacked”. Therefore, in order to have the best trip abroad, readers should know basic English sentences about prices, routes, … Hopefully, with the English sentences we introduce. , readers can confidently communicate when traveling.

The article above Taimienphi.vn has just introduced you to English questions asking for money, buying and selling when traveling. Also readers can refer to some articles already on Taimienphi.vn to learn these English sentences when entering the hotel traveling abroad


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