English sentences when checking in at the airport

Pocket English sentences when checking in at the airport helps us always feel confident and comfortable, no more fear when checking in at the airport when traveling abroad. .

English sentences when checking in at the airport

In the previous articles, Taimienphi.vn introduced you to these Sample English sentence asking common directions. In the following article, Taimienphi.vn will introduce you to English sentences when making procedures at the airport when traveling abroad.

But quickly speak English when you're at the airport

English communication sentences when you want to ask at the airport

1. English sentence form when buying air tickets

– I’d like to reserve two seats to … – I want to reserve 2 seats …
– Will that be one way or round trip? – Do you want a one way or round trip ticket?
– How much is a round trip ticket? – How much is a round-trip ticket?
– Will you pay by cash or by credit card? – Do you want to pay with cash or a credit card?
– How much is the fare? – How much is the ticket?

2. Some common English questions used at Check-in counters

But quickly speak English when you're at the airport

Sample English sentences at the Check-in counter

Note, you can perform check in by 2 forms:

+ Traditional procedures at check-in counter: generally applicable to passengers with checked baggage.

+ Online check-in procedures of airlines (web check-in, mobile check-in): applicable to passengers without checked baggage.

Here are some English sentence samples that airline staff can ask you at the Check-in counter:

– Your passport and ticket, please! – Please show your passport and air ticket!
– Where are you flying to? – Where will you fly the flight to?
– Is anybody traveling with you today? – Does anyone travel with you today?
– How many bags are you checking in? – How many luggage bags do you have?
– Do you have a carry on? – Do you have hand luggage?
– Could I see your hand baggage, please? – Can I see your hand luggage?
– Are you carrying any flammable material? – Do you bring any inflammable materials with you?
– Are you carrying any liquids: Did you bring liquid with you?
– Do you have any perishable food items? – Do you have any perishable foods?
– Could you put any metallic objects into the tray, please? – Please insert metal objects into the tray.
– I’m afraid you can’t take that through: I’m afraid you can’t bring it through.
– Where are you flying to ?: Where do you fly?
– Would you like a window seat or an aisle seat? – Do you want to sit near a window or aisle?
– We do not have any aisle seats remaining. Is a window seat ok with you or would you prefer a middle seat? – Sorry, the chair is empty now. Do you want to choose a seat near the window or middle seat?
– Window seat please – Please give me a seat near the window.

3. English sentence form informs the door number and boarding time

– Here are your tickets – Here are your tickets.
– I am placing you two in 21A and 21B – Your chair is 21A and 21B.
– The gate number is C2 – Gate C2.
– They will start boarding 20 minutes before the departure time – They will start opening 20 minutes before take off.
– You should report to gate C2 by then – You must be at the C2 gate before that time.
– What’s the flight number? – What is the flight number?
– The flight’s been delayed: The flight has been delayed.
– The flight’s was canceled: The flight has been canceled.

If you need instructions, you can use the following questions:

– How do I get to gate C2? – How to get to door C2?
– Where do we go next? – Where are we going next?

The article above Taimienphi.vn has just introduced you to English sentence samples when checking in common airport procedures. Also readers can refer to some articles already on Taimienphi.vn to find out Common English answer questions when traveling Please.


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