Enter the dark, beautiful world of Othercide game available on Xbox One

Enter the dark, beautiful world of Othercide game available on Xbox One

Development is complete, get ready to fight, stumble, and continue to fight like humanity’s last hope in Othercide, the latest tactical RPG to be released on Xbox One.

Game production process Othercide finished. This tactical role-playing game is available on Xbox One and will bring players to a fierce war of defending reality and fighting the Suffering forces.

Information about the game Othercide on Xbox One
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Link to download the latest Othercide:

=> Link download Othercide for PC

Game Othercide is available now on Xbox One

The Othercide is placed between dimensions, in an area of ​​a subspace called The Dark Corner. It is a backward and devastated place, shaped by trauma rather than the laws of logic in our world. All of this is shown in black and white to show how different and mysterious the place is. It also depicts an ocean of darkness, where a single ray of light can bring new hope to humanity.

In the game, there are bosses that embody humanity’s worst nightmares and each epic encounter will set you and your army of The Daughters to their absolute limit. You will need to count on each of their fatal abilities and learn their very complex attack patterns. And there will be times when you will need to make sacrifices to win.

Immersion into the beautiful world of othercide games has a face on xbox one

Othercide has been released on Xbox One, and a nightmare world of monstrous enemies awaits you in the game. Lead your army of The Daughters against epic bosses in an action-packed battle and a spectacular counterattack with the unique Dynamic Timeline System. Death will inevitably come, but each effort opens up possibilities and opportunities in the future.

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Please quickly download for yourself the game Othercide to save the world together.


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