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Error of not being able to access Gmail, not opening and receiving emails in Gmail


The error of not being able to access Gmail is common when you use Gmail. If you open mail and encounter an error that you cannot open gmail, you can follow the way that instructed in the following article to fix it.

The number of people who sign up for Gmail is increasing, but in parallel with the useful features that gmail brings, you will not always get an error when using Gmail.

Error due to DNS. (Domain name resolution system)

In recent days, the sea cable AAG or IA has broken The network operator will actually regulate the traffic (Route) through the redundant lines, but the backup lines are usually smaller so it does not guarantee the entire connection is stable, the routing process can also cause system errors. DNS system leads to inaccessible websites, especially overseas websites such as Facebook, Gmail, Youtube ….

You can try it first Change Google DNS when network error, delay on Windows 10,7,8 Win xp

Cannot enter gmail, no mo, receive email in gmail

Error of not being able to access Gmail, not opening and receiving emails in Gmail

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And Gmail login error is not a common error that many people encounter, but if you do not pay attention and do not regularly access your Gmail address, it is undetectable. Once you’ve found this problem, you need to check your computer and do the following.

There are times when an international fiber optic cable is broken which also makes Gmail access flicker, sometimes not or even unable to access, see the solution to Improve the speed on Gmail. Also some other errors that are not due to international network errors, you see how to handle below.

Table of Contents:
1. Causes and solutions.
2. Use DNS to fix errors on Gmail.

1. Causes and solutions

* Cause 1: Your computer is out of date.

Some computers have been used for too long and are not regularly maintained, making the chip or internal components perform poorly. The common situation is that you have to adjust the time on your computer regularly despite the default time setting.

Up to the present time, Gmail has been upgraded and there are some changes to the “Certificate Service” parameters on the operation duration of the Website, starting from May 3, 2008 to May 3, 2009. So, for computers that have a time difference, have a time offset from the current time, and are stopped in years prior to 2008, you will not be able to access Gmail.
Overcome: Check and change the time on the computer.
Step 1: Click on the time display on the computer system tray

Cannot access gmail

Step 2: Click Change date and time Settings .. to change the current time.


Step 3: In the window Date and Time, click Change date and time

Cannot enter gmail

Step 4: Reset the time and date to match the current time, click OK, got it to save settings.

Cannot enter gmail

* Cause 2: Due to Internet Explorer.
This error does not appear in other Web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera.

Step 1: Open the browser Internet Explorer -> Click Alt On the keyboard to display the toolbar, select Tools -> Internet Options.
Window Internet Options appears, select the card Connections -> LAN setiings

It is not possible to enter Gmail

Step 2: At the window LAN Settings, you notice at 2 items Automatic configuration and Proxy Server, if it’s in selection mode, deselect both of these items.
Click OK, got it

The error cannot log in to gmail

Step 3: Back to the window Internet Options -> select card Security ->Default Level -> OK

Cannot enter gmail

Step 4: Now restart your computer and access Gmail again.

Reason 3: Due to network problems, due to caps

All causes such as broken cable network, slow network also lead to the situation of not being able to access Gmail or very slow access to Gmail, to handle the above scenarios, readers must follow the following instructions.No login to gmail

Every time you log in to your computer’s mail account, no matter which browser you are using, there is a small text in the right corner to Download the basic HTML, this is a part of connecting with Gmail with a simpler interface, temporarily omitting the necessary features to help you in the case of a slow network, unable to access Gmail.

2. Use DNS to fix errors on Gmail

DNS helps you authenticate your address to a service, a website after sending a request and being answered, there are many DNS today and the most popular is Google’s DNS with address and To be able to replace DNS help in gmail, please do the following exactly.

Step 1: First right-click on the right corner of the screen, on the Taskbar and select Open Network and Sharing Center, This section will allow you to manage connections as well as network and computer settings.

No login to gmail

Step 2: Then click Ethernet or whatever name belongs to the Network, it is simply the network you are accessing only.

fix the problem with gmail

Step 3: Then choose Properties, we will go here to proceed to add DNS to our home network to fix the error of not being able to access gmail.

No login to gmail

Step 4: Here you will find there is 1 line is IInternet Protocol Version 4, double click on it.

No login to gmail

And in this you just need to click on use the following DNS server address then enter the Google DNS or whatever DNS you know to use it well, OK close and try to see if you have access to Gmail yet.

No login to gmail
Of course, in addition to google DNS, you can use other DNS ranges
– DNS1 range: and
– DNS2 range: and

Above is an article that teaches you how to fix errors in case you can not access Gmail, an error occurs with Gmail. Please follow the following steps to improve the ability to fix errors of failing to access Gmail successfully. In addition, the above methods also help you fix both failure to send and receive Gmail, this is a common situation on Gmail. Therefore, in order not to miss important work and to fix errors that cannot be entered, received errors or errors Error of failing to send Gmail then you must consult our guide.



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