Error using AOE empire command with Disconnect, Out Game

Hi Free download, I have a question I want Taimienphi to answer questions about the game AOE (Empire). During the game, when I type the command, all the people in the game are disconnected and out of the game. Can Taimienphi guide me on how to handle this error? I sincerely thank

Hello Nguyen Tran Tuan Minh,

Age of Empires (AOE or Empire) is a legendary real-time strategy game on computers developed by Microsoft from the very early days of graphics platform. However, the tactic has always been AOE’s strong point so that the game can survive to this day and in parallel with other extremely beautiful graphics games.

With AOE, you can play with your team or play individually, build your own empire, fight to protect or bring troops to invade the empire of other players to win.

Disconnect the device to disconnect from the game 2

The empire has many ways of playing and many versions are developed. Phenomenon when asking for a command in AOE that was disconnected or out of the game is caused by your team playing There is a certain member using the own version of AOE to prevent hacking . So whenever you use in-game commands like meat, wood, ask for troops, ask for weapons … the anti-hack AOE version will be activated and kick out all team members out.

The fix in this case is very simple, you should use a common AOE version installed with no advanced features, from here you can play Empire completely Nice roof without fear of disconnect or kick out.

You can download AOE and install it on your computer. In addition, you should also refer to the keyboard shortcuts in AOE to perfect your skills and tactical thinking instead of having to ask for commands.
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