Error when using LDPlayer, its causes and how to fix it

In the process of using LDPlayer software will inevitably encounter errors that you can not know what the cause of the error. The following article we will introduce you how to fix errors when using or when downloading LDPlayer, follow along.

In the process of using LDPlayer, encountering errors is inevitable, There are many errors when using LDPlayer that users cannot know at all. In today’s article will guide you how to fix errors when Use LDPlayer, common errors and their causes so we know how to fix them.

Error when using LDPlayer (MOMO App Player)

Table of Contents:
1. Fix 94% error on LDPlayer.
2. Error when using LDPlayer because VT has not been activated.
3. LDPlayer error does not support playing PUBG Mobile.

The cause and how to fix errors when using LDPlayer

1. Fix the error on the simulator was 94% on LDPlayer

– This error is common when users are using the old version, to fix this error, you need to Download the latest version: Download LDPlayer here
– 94% error occurred during loading, running LDPlayer is quite common. This error has many possible causes due to VGA driver, whether you have enabled VT or not or you are running any antivirus software. These are the main causes leading to 94% error on LDPlayer.

– If your reason is because the driver hasn’t been updated to the highest level, it’s simple, please download the latest VGA drivers here.

>> Download Driver Nvidia here: Download the Nvidia Driver.
>> Download Driver Ati AMD here: Download Driver Ati AMD.
>> Download Driver Intell here: Download the Intel Driver.

2. Error when using LDPlayer because VT has not been activated

VT Also known as Virtual Techonogy, a feature that some laptops and PCs support this technology and not only LDPlayer, but all Android emulators need this VT technology to work.

So yes.

Use ldplayer

So how to fix the error when using LDPlayer case not enabled VT up here? It is very simple because in this case, has had an article to guide you on how to fix the problem. Readers can refer to the guide to enable CPU virtualization in BIOS, the article does not show you how to Turn on CPU virtualization in the BIOS but also know how to test it.

3. LDPlayer error does not support playing PUBG Mobile

loi ldplayer nguyen nhan and cach lo loi

Most Android emulators currently focus on playing popular games like Lien Lien Mobile or PUBG Mobile, but these games require a lot of configuration and so there are some emulators. difficulty. If you encounter an error when using LDPlayer related to PUBG Mobile, specifically the error Your device is not supported in PUBG MOBILE.

And if unfortunately you use LDPlayer again, your device is not supported in PUBG MOBILE, please see the instructions below to know how to fix LDPlayer error.

Step 1: Basically, the error message Your device is not supported in PUBG MOBILE is because you have not updated the graphics, please check it. Settings section.

xuan loi LDPlayer

Step 2: In the Settings section Diagnosis information to check the parameters of LDPlayer at the present time.

nguyen nhan lo LDPlayer

Step 3: If here you look OpenGL is less than 4.2 You need to update to be able to play PUBG Mobile. As shown in the picture was 4.6 so that was more than enough to play then.

Elsewhere, LDPlayer

In case it is not enough you should download the new driver by following the link in the first part of the article to help you.

Above are the errors when using LDPlayer that users often encounter, although these are not all but the errors that users often make. In the process of using LDPlayer, if you encounter any additional errors, please leave a comment below so will help you handle LDPlayer errors as well as updates in the article.
Although playing PUBG Mobile on a computer with LDPlayer is not the best option but instead is Bluestacks, but for those who do not like Bluestacks, play PUBG Mobile on the computer Can choose a lot of different software today.


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