Errors in the process of playing live video on Facebook

During live stream – playing live video on Facebook, many users encounter Facebook Video Stream errors that make it very annoying that they cannot play live video on Facebook as expected. In this article, will summarize the common mistakes during live video streaming on Facebook and how to handle those errors so that readers can easily solve the problem.

No need to have a smartphone, you can still live stream, play live video on Facebook and chat with friends or share your game screen, computer screen through software that supports live stream on computers like Open Broadcast or Xsplit.

However, software such as OBS, Open Broadcast or Xsplit often encounter errors that arise due to browser compatibility errors and some software features in them. To solve the problem of live video streaming on Facebook, the best way is to find out the causes to give the most accurate solution.

Errors in the process of streaming video on Facebook

Error not displaying streaming window when using Chrome browser

videos live on facebook

When you click the Create video live stream icon on Chrome browser, many of you do not see a new window to enter information. This error is due to the Chrome browser blocking blocking new pop-up windows.

How to fix: To overcome the phenomenon, do the following

Click the icon with the red “X”, click to select Always allow pop-ups from … then press Completed.

Once you’ve done the above, you just need to retry the operation Create live stream video on Facebook via Chrome browser to experience.

or gap when playing videos directly on facebook

Error of not installing the software and failing to start the OBS software

video playback directly on facebook

Open Broadcaster or OBS is a software that supports live video streaming for many social networking platforms on computers, especially when users want to stream videos directly on Facebook through software, there are still errors. quite annoying that users can not play live video on Facebook. First of all, the error cannot install or open OBS software.

If you do not have the OBS software installed or start, this error is usually due to the fact that you have not installed the DirectX add-on software and the .NET Framework 4.0 or higher. These are software bundled with many applications in Windows and are required to have more than just installing OBS on a computer.

How to fix: To fix, you just need to download and install these add-ons on your computer before trying to install or restart OBS software.

After fixing the error that cannot install OBS successfully, readers may face some common errors when live streaming with OBS. The common mistake when live streaming with OBS is quite common and that greatly affects the user experience if not nearly disable all functions.

Error of disconnecting between Facebook and OBS

If this error is often caused because you have not turned off the Firewall on the computer, so OBS can not connect to Facebook and transfer live video images on Facebook to the screen of friends or relatives.

How to fix: To fix this error of playing live video on Facebook, readers need to turn off Firewall blocking the connection.

Step 1: From the desktop, go to Start Control Panel Windows Firewall

Step 2: In the Windows Firewall adjustment interface you choose Turn off section Turn Windows Firewall on or off. Press OK, got it to save the changes.

Unable to run video directly on Facebook

After fixing the error of no connection between Facebook and OBS, readers can fully connect Facebook and OBS and start playing live video on Facebook easily.

Above has instructed you to fix some basic errors, often encountered when live streaming directly on Facebook. Normally, many people choose to use OBS software, but in addition, you can also play videos directly on Facebook with Xsplit.. Interestingly enough, both with streaming video on Facebook with Xsplit and OBS can help you play live video on TalkTV, a social network for young people today.

Along with the rapid growth, most of the social networks including, Zalo, Instagram, TalkTV, Bigo Live and now even YouTube has gradually provided video streaming on Zalo, playing live video on Instagram . Meanwhile, in addition to the main live video function, Facebook also supports video calling with Messenger on computers easily. Even so, the stuff Play videos on Zalo or streaming videos directly on Instagram are undoubtedly the formidable tools with Facebook.

If in the process of using any errors you can send the error back to for help fixing errors.
Good luck!


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