Evaluating C-CEX exchange, is reputable altcoin virtual currency exchange?

In this article, Taimienphi.vn will help you learn about C-CEX such as concepts, transaction fees, and answers to fraudulent exchanges? … you should refer to the decision to use C-CEX to conduct transactions.

C-CEX is the most famous cryptocurrency exchange for altcoin transactions. The exchange offers trading for over 180 different cryptocurrencies. To learn more about C-CEX: bitcoin exchanges, altcoins and wallet services, refer to the following article of Taimienphi.vn.

C-CEX: bitcoin exchange, altcoin and wallet service

Table of Contents:
1. What is C-CEX ?.
2. Features of C-CEX.
3. C-CEX transaction fee.
4. Is C-CEX a scam trading platform ?.
5. Overview of C-CEX trading platform.
6. Other virtual currency exchanges.

Evaluating C-CEX exchange, is reputable altcoin virtual currency exchange?

1. What is C-CEX?

C-CEX is a cryptocurrency exchange that supports more than 260,000 members and 185 different cryptocurrencies. The exchange also provides trading solutions, API support, cash transactions, etc.

According to CoinMarketCap.com data, as of August 2017, C-CEX is in the position of between 50 and 60 in 24-hour trading volume.

Exchanges with exceptionally high trading volumes on uncommon currency trading pairs. At the time of writing, the currency pairs with the highest trading volume include EB3 coin, MCAP, and AppleCoin pairs on BTC, accounting for about 80% of the volume on the exchange.

The exchange offers trading for over 180 currency pairs, including some pairs that weigh less than 2 USD over a 24-hour period. If you want to trade altcoin, C-CEX can help you do this.

It should be noted otherwise that C-CEX will be confused with CEX.io. CEX.io offers much larger trading volumes and is among the top 30 in terms of total trading volume. C-CEX also offers trading of traditional cryptocurrency pairs like Ethereum and Bitcoin with cash like USD, EUR, and RUB.

2. Features of C-CEX

– Security: Like most other exchanges, C-CEX also focuses on security. In addition, C-CEX also supports two-factor authentication (2FA).

– Fast: The C-CEX system built from the beginning focused on performance, extremely fast response time and order execution time, ensuring users do not have to wait when sending orders.

– Response: C-CEX provides application designs that work best on computer browsers and mobile devices.

– Low transaction fee: The exchange has a low fee of 0.2%. Free deposit, withdrawal and access to additional services, except for certain notes.

c-cex transaction floor

Is the C-CEX broker a scam?

– API access: C-CEX allows users to access almost all the functions via the API, which means that users can build high-frequency automated trading systems through the platform.

– Active community: C-CEX owns a chatbox and has more than 260,000 members.

Eventually all of the above features are available for all bitcoin transactions. The C-CEX cryptocurrency exchange is secure and ensures transactions are carried out, fees are low and provide the best designs.

The most outstanding feature of C-CEX is the large trading volume of unique currency pairs. At the time of writing, the currency pairs with the largest trading volume on the C-CEX exchange include EB3 Coin, MCAP, Ethereum, AppleCoin, E-coin, Virta Unique Coin, and Pabyosi Coin, all of them. Available for Bitcoin purchase.

In total, C-CEX lists 189 different cryptocurrencies on the exchange, from major cryptocurrencies to those that are not yet available on other exchanges.

Learning the latest bitcoin prices will help you and many other Bitcoin players earn you higher profits and avoid the case of a failure when selling without knowing the latest bitcoin price is high or low.

3. C-CEX transaction fee

C-CEX charges 0.2% per transaction.
Depositing and withdrawals are available via cryptocurrency, which is why these transactions are free of charge.

4. Is C-CEX a fraud trading platform?

C-CEX has been in the bitcoin community since 2015. However, over the years, the exchange has been criticized by some users for security issues. In 2017, Merkle also issued a C-CEX warning as a “fraudulent exchange” for some users interested in the trading and trading activities of the C-CEX exchange.

Merkle cited the allegations on Bitcoin Talk forums since July 2015 when users declared C-CEX as a “fraudulent exchange” in order to deceive users and investors.

c-cex transaction floor

So some new cryptocurrencies and ICOs are known to users, and some transactions simply generate altcoins, then profit from trading altcoin business.

C-CEX continues to operate online and maintain a large volume of transactions every day. Currently, the exchange is ranked 59th in terms of trading volume within 24 hours, with a total trading volume of about 2 million USD in the past 24 hours.

5. Overview of C-CEX trading platform

C-CEX is the most famous cryptocurrency exchange for altcoin transactions. The exchange offers trading for over 180 different cryptocurrencies and specializes in coins not available on other major exchanges. Currently C-CEX is in the top 50 to top 60 in 24-hour trading volume.

C-CEX has faced some criticism from users because the exchange can connect to ICOs and altcoins. However, the exchange has remained normal and survived in the bitcoin community for over 2 years.

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Exchanges offer competitive fees: charge 0.2% of transaction fees, deposit and withdraw funds for free (via cryptocurrency).

6. Other virtual currency exchanges

– Bittrex trading floor
– IQ Option trading platform
– Bitstamp exchange

Above is some information about C-CEX: Bitcoin exchange, altcoin and wallet service. To learn more about C-CEX, or to start making trades on the exchange, visit C-CEX.com. Besides this exchange, you can find articles about other exchanges like find out ExmoBuy and sell Bitcoin and make crypto transactions from Taimienphi.vn.

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