Evaluation of Sophos antivirus solutions 2020

Sophos Home anti-virus software provides users with 2 computer protection solutions, Sophos Home Free and Sophos Home Premium, in this article, Taimienphi will quickly evaluate 2 versions of Sophos 2020 antivirus software for you. easily select the appropriate protection tool against malicious codes in accordance with needs.

Sophos Home Free including basic security functions, with suspicious URL blocking tools and antivirus. Besides, this free version also has some other additions such as content filtering, the ability to remotely view and manage the status of up to 3 devices.

Review Sophos Home 2020

Sophos Home Premium, meanwhile, is more extensive with real-time threat protection, network attack protection, privacy protection tools and advanced malware scanning and cleaning. Both packages support Windows and MacOS operating systems. Interested users can immediately download the Sophos Home installer below.
– Link to register and download the versions here:

– Download Sophos Home Free
– Download Sophos Home Premium

Review Sophos Home Free and Sophos Home Premium

1. Interface

Sophos 2020 virus diet stages 2

When you double click on the Sophos Home system tray icon and the program’s very simple interface appears. There are some status information (latest updates, last scan time), Scan Computer button and others for additional functions (management, settings). Touch the Scan button and Sophos Home will begin scanning your entire computer. The program also adds the option of right-clicking on Explorer to scan specific files, folders and drives.

2. Virus removal options

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Besides the basic computer protection options, Sophos Home also includes some advanced options such as the ability to turn on / off the many techniques used by Sophos to block common exploits for Web browser, browser plugin, Java; anti-privilege escalation, APC violation, as well as backdoor prevention, protection against hijacking DLL and more. Most of these options are enabled by default. There are also some other features that are not enabled by default, which you can configure as you like.

3. Self-defense ability

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Sophos appears in the Enterprise edition of Real-World Protection Test of AV-Comparatives and it ranks fourth out of 17 candidates. The program is second only to Panda, Bitdefender and Kaspersky, but ahead of names such as ESET, VIPRE, Avast and McAfee.

After many trials and results from SE-Labs, as well as MRG Effitas, Sophos is rated to provide effective protection against malware.

4. Block suspicious URLs

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Sophos Home Premium includes a simple layer of web protection designed to help keep you safe from malicious websites. According to testing, the site was blocked because they contain malicious content. To block specific websites, open Sophos Home Premium’s dashboard, click Settings> Web, then enter the URL or domain name you want to include in the whitelist.

5. Content filtering

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If you are simply looking for a solution to prevent children from accessing websites that provide inappropriate content, then Sophos Home’s content filtering function can be very helpful. There are 3 lists of web types: Adult & Inappropriate, Social Networking & Computing and General Interest. They all include various content areas that you may want to block such as violence, illegal drugs, etc.It is all on by default.

Starting in the new year 2020, if Sophos launches a new software version, another technology company is WhatsApp published some data about his development. As the application WhatsApp has surpassed 2 billion users globally, predicting this number will grow strongly in the near future.


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