Everything - Quickly search data files in a snap

Everything – Quickly search data files in a snap

Everything is a file search tool that replaces the file search functionality available in Windows. Search speed of Everything is very fast, if compared to the search engine of Windows you will see completely different.

Everything is a utility that helps you find files more efficiently with advanced features. Especially, this software is very light and completely free, it is worth to always appear on your computer. The following article will guide you Taimienphi.vn how to search effectively with this program Everything.

Guide to finding data files fast with Everything

* Download Everything

1. Search for the file

Type the name of the file to search inside textbox. The program will detect files for you with super fast speed.

To increase the effectiveness of search, search supports you with a number of functions:

– Match case: must type in uppercase and lowercase correctly. For example, the file name is Betdownload, you must type Betdownload, do not type BETDOWNLOAD or betdownload.

– Match a whole word: Search with a word. You must type in the correct word for the program to search for you. For example, if you search for betdownload file, you have to type betdownload, can’t find that file if you type betdownloa, bet …

– Match path: Search for files in the same directory. For example, if you search for betdownload file in betdownload folder, the program will show the result of all files in betdownload folder.

2. Some tips

Use accents | to search for files that contain one of the two terms entered. For example: type betdownload | java then the program will produce the result file containing from betdownload or java.

Use accents * in the middle of the phrase if you only remember the beginning and the end. For example: type be * ad then the program produces results that start with beige and the end is ad.

download Everything

In the framework of the article we have shown you how to search and some tricks on Everything. If you’re frustrated with the slow search capabilities of Windows, then try to feel the super fast search speed of Everything, of course your computer also needs to download Everything now.

Currently there is copyright software VX Search Pro that supports very fast search, if readers are interested, you can refer to the software immediately. Copyright VX Search Pro and own it right away for a limited time.


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