Exact career test like?

Exact career test like?

Currently, many career-testing tools are available to help people navigate their career in the future. To know how accurate career tests are? We refer to the following article.

Choosing a career to study and pursue is not easy at all, especially those who have no future direction. So many people have chosen career-testing tools to make career recommendations but there are many who wonder about the accuracy of the tool. Understanding this, Tamienphi.vn will share about the tool accurate career testhow in the article below.

Multiple choice test popular school choice today

1. Criteria for selecting an appropriate profession

Choose a suitable career to pursue from school to work based on a lot of different criteria, besides based on the career value, needs, income of that career, intrinsic factor Themselves are considered the most important factor that decides the career. Internal intrinsic factors include:

* Character

The personality is considered to be a very “individual” that creates each person and this personality decides a lot to work.

– Person with an “extrovert” personality suitable for a career such as MC, travel, sales, salesperson, financial advisor, actor, public relations specialist, physiotherapist, law Professor, teacher …

– Person with an “introvert” personality suitable for a career in design, research, copywriter, accounting, programming staff, health care workers, editors …

– A person with a peaceful and courteous personality suitable for a career such as a researcher, writer, teacher – lecturer …

– People who easily get angry, do not have the appropriate calm with careers are self-employed, household business – individual …

Knowing the personality will help you choose the career, the corresponding working environment, thereby helping you to be satisfied and successful at work.

* Interests:

You know, when you like something, you’ll make it equal, never get a new result. And the job is the same, you have the interest, love the job, then you will pursue to the end. And if you don’t like it, it’s hard to avoid being depressed. However, careers are not easily changed. It can be said that the love of the job is the motivation and you always feel happy when you do that job, no matter how difficult.

For example: People who like numbers can do accounting, finance – banking …

* Forte and ability:

Each person will have their own strengths, strengths and abilities. If trained in good working conditions, that strength will be developed into skills necessary for a career.

You do work in favor of your strengths, abilities, success is that you work effectively, achieve high results, feel satisfied and proud to do it. And if you choose a career that you are incapable of, even though you work hard to lose, spend a lot of time and effort, the results will not be as expected. Therefore, you need to understand your ability to choose the right career.

2. Exactly how many career tests?

As research has shown, personality is the deciding factor to 40% of orientation, choosing a career outside of factors such as opportunities and environment. If you understand how your personality is, you can easily choose a suitable career, so you can pursue it in the future. However, not everyone knows what their personality is like. That’s why the Career multiple choice tool born. This tool asks questions with different degrees, based on how your answers will show your personality, whether introverted, extroverted or peaceful, calm. .

Using personality quizzes will help you figure out your personality. Moreover, this tool is based on personality to bring the career that is suitable for you.

As such, the career test will offer suitable careers based on each person’s personality. Therefore, this tool is considered to have high accuracy. You can rely on this tool to consider and choose your career if you do not have a career orientation. Besides, you can also refer to the application Choose a Job here for career advice that’s right for you.

The goal of a job application is short, but it plays an important role because this is an item that employers look at in order to make the most accurate candidate assessment. Therefore, you need to pay attention Career goals in the resume stand out, engage, and avoid common mistakes.


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