Excel 2019 keyboard shortcuts

Using an external keyboard in combination with Excel 2019 keyboard shortcuts on Windows helps users work more efficiently. For people with mobility or vision impairments, using keyboard shortcuts in Excel 2019 is a good solution to help them easily use, work compared to using a touch screen or using a mouse to select each function according to manually.

Any software has keyboard shortcuts to assist users with the fastest operation to use a software function quickly without having to use the mouse to select. With office applications like Word, Powerpoint, and especially Excel, you definitely will not ignore these Excel keyboard shortcuts to make the job faster and more professional.

Using keyboard shortcuts in Excel increases productivity

Summary of Excel 2019 Keyboard Shortcuts

This article, Taimienphi.vn will introduce you to summary of keyboard shortcuts, function keys and some other common shortcuts on Excel 2019.

1. Excel 2019 keyboard shortcuts work with selected data.

Keyboard shortcut for selecting Excel cells

Shift + Space (Spacebar): Select entire rows.

Ctrl + Space (Spacebar): Select the entire column.

Ctrl + Shift + * (asterisk): Select the entire area around the active cells.

Ctrl + A (or Ctrl + Shift + spacebar): Select the whole worksheet (or areas containing data).

Ctrl + Shift + Page Up: Select current and previous sheet in the same Excel file.

Shift + arrow key: Extend selection from a selected cell.

Shift + Page Down / Shift + Page Up: Extend the selected area to the bottom of the screen / to the top of the screen.

Shift + Home: Expand the selection to the first cell of the row.

Ctrl + Shift + Home: Expand the selection to the first of the worksheet.

Ctrl + Shift + End: Extend the selection to the last cell used on the worksheet (lower right corner).

Excel keyboard shortcuts managed in selected areas

F8: Enable selection expansion (done by using additional arrow keys) without holding down the Shift key.

Shift + F8: Add a (adjacent or non-adjacent) range of cells to the selection. Use the arrow keys and Shift + arrow keys to add to the selection.

Enter / Shift + Enter: Use to move the current selection cell down / up in the currently selected area.

Tab / Shift + Tab: Use to move the current selection cell to the right / left in the currently selected area.

Esc: The canceling key is currently selected.

Edit Excel shortcut keys inside the cell

Shift + left arrow / Shift + right arrow: Use to select or deselect a character left / right.

Ctrl + Shift + left arrow / Ctrl + Shift + right arrow: Select or deselect one word to the left / to the right.

Shift + Home / Shift + End: Select from the text cursor to the beginning / to the end of the cell.

2. Excel 2019 keyboard shortcuts for using navigation in a spreadsheet

Arrow Keys: Use to move up, down, left, or right in a worksheet.

Page Down / Page Up: Move to the end of the worksheet / to the top of the worksheet.

Alt + Page Down / Alt + Page Up: Move the screen right / left in a spreadsheet.

Tab / Shift + Tab: Move one cell to the right / to the left in a worksheet.

Home: Move to the beginning of a row in a worksheet.

Ctrl + Home: Move to the first cell of a worksheet.

Ctrl + End: Move to the last cell containing content on a worksheet.

Ctrl + F: Shortcut keys for displaying the Find and Replace dialog box (when used, the Find – Find menu is available.

Ctrl + H: Display the Find and Replace dialog box (when using, it will open the Replace item).

Shift + F4: Repeat the previous search.

Ctrl + G (or F5): Display the ‘Go to’ dialog box.

Ctrl + left arrow / Ctrl + right arrow: Inside a cell: Move to the cell to the left or to the right of that cell.

Alt + down arrow: Keyboard shortcuts allow displaying AutoComplete lists.

3. Keyboard shortcuts in Excel 2019 insert and edit data

Ctrl + Z: Undo previous action (can execute multiple levels) – Undo.

Ctrl + Y: Go to the next action (multiple levels) – Redo.

Ctrl + C: Copy (copy) the content of the selected cell.

Ctrl + X: Cut the content of the selected cell.

Ctrl + V: Paste (paste) content from the clipboard into the selected cell.

Ctrl + Alt + V: If data exists in the clipboard: Using this key combination will display the Paste Special dialog box.

F2: Edit the selected cell with the mouse cursor at the end of the line.

Alt + Enter: Down a new line in the same cell.

Enter: Complete typing 1 and move down to the bottom.

Shift + Enter: Complete entering 1 box and move to the upper box.

Tab / Shift + Tab: Complete typing 1 and move to the right / to the left.

Enter / Shift + Enter: Move active cells down / up in the selection.

Shift + Backspace: Select only one active cell when multiple cells are selected.

Ctrl + Backspace: Display active cell in the selection.

Ctrl + “.”: Moves clockwise between 4 corners of the selection.

Ctrl + Alt + right arrow / left arrow: Move right / left between non-adjacent selections (with multiple selections).

Esc: Cancel editing in a cell.

Backspace: Delete the character to the left of the text cursor, or delete the selection.

Delete: Delete the character to the right of the text cursor, or delete the selection.

Ctrl + Delete: Delete the text to the end of the line.

Ctrl + Shift +: (colon): Insert current time.

Ctrl + D: Copy the content in the box above.

Ctrl + R: Copy the box to the left.

Ctrl + “: Copy the cell contents above and in the editing state.

Ctrl + ‘: Copy the formula of the cell above and in the editing state.

Ctrl + -: Display the delete cell / row / column menu.

Ctrl + Shift + +: Display the cell / row / column insert menu.

Shift + F2: Insert / Edit a comment box.

Shift + F10, then M: Delete comment.

Alt + F1: Create and insert charts with data in the current range.

F11: Create and insert charts with data in the current range in a separate chart sheet.

Ctrl + K: Insert a link.

Enter (in a cell containing the link): Activate the link.

Ctrl + 8: Show or hide outline icons.

Ctrl + 9: Hide shortcuts for selected rows.

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Ctrl + Shift + 9: Unhide rows that are currently hidden in the selection that contains them.

Ctrl + 0 (number 0): Shortcuts hide the selected column.

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Alt + Shift + Right arrow: Group rows or columns.

Alt + Shift + left arrow: Ungroup rows or columns.

Alt + A, H: Data Hide Detail.

Alt + A, J: Data Show Detail.

Alt + ASCII Code: Enter ASCII code, for example: Alt + 0169 insert the © symbol.

4. Excel 2019 keyboard shortcuts used in data format

Shortcuts Format cells

Ctrl + 1: Display the Format dialog box.

Ctrl + B (or Ctrl + 2): Apply or cancel bold formatting.

Ctrl + I (or Ctrl + 3): Apply or cancel italic format.

Ctrl + U (or Ctrl + 4): Apply or cancel an underline.

Ctrl + 5: Apply or cancel dash format.

Alt + ‘(apostrophe): Display the Style dialog box.

Shortcut format number

Ctrl + Shift + $: Apply currency format with two decimal places.

Ctrl + Shift + -: Apply the General number format.

Ctrl + Shift + #: Apply date format by style: day, month and year.

Ctrl + Shift + @: Apply time format with hours, minutes and indicate as AM or PM.

Ctrl + Shift + ^: Application of scientific number format with two decimal places.

F4: Repeat selection of final format.

Align shortcut keys

Alt + H, A, R: Align the box to the right.

Alt + H, A, C: Center the cell.

Alt + H, A, I: Align the box to the left.

Formula keyboard shortcuts

=: Start a recipe.

Shift + F3: Display the Insert Function dialog box.

Ctrl + A: Displays the input method after entering the name of the formula.

Ctrl + Shift + A: Insert arguments in the formula after entering the name of the formula.

Shift + F3: Insert a function into a formula.

Ctrl + Shift + Enter: Entering a formula is an array formula.

F9: Calculate all worksheets in all worksheets.

Shift + F9: Calculation of active worksheet.

Ctrl + Shift + U: Switch to expand or collapse the formula bar.

Ctrl + ‘: Switch the mode to display formulas in cells instead of values.

Ctrl + PageDown and Ctrl + PagrUp: Switch between sheets together.

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Ctrl + arrow key: Keyboard shortcuts allow moving to the top, bottom, left and right edges of a spreadsheet. This shortcut will help you do not need to use the mouse to drag the search slider to the bottom of the table, especially with long spreadsheets. When used, you press Ctrl along with any arrow keys in the direction you want to move, you will quickly reach the location to find.

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Ctrl + arrow key + Shift: The shortcut key selects the data area to the end of the table instead of moving the selection box to the bottom of the table.

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Double click the left mouse button in the box: Keyboard shortcut to copy formulas to the bottom of the table. You perform the normal operation to copy down the rows below it when appears + sign, then hold and drag the mouse until the end of the table. To be faster, put the mouse in the plus sign position, double click the left mouse button and the result will be copied down the formula.

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Ctrl + Shift + 1 (!): Keyboard shortcut to format decimal places with 2 numbers after a comma.

Ctrl + Shift + 4 ($): Format cell currency $.

Ctrl + Shift + 5 (%): Cell format is% number.

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F4: Shortcut turns a cell into absolute value. When you copy a formula from different cell locations such as B1, C2 … it will automatically change when the copy down the line becomes B2, C3. To prevent the formula from automatically jumping as above, you will have to use the key $ before and after the cell character to lock it. And to quickly lock a cell, you can use F4.

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&: Shortcuts combine two-cell content. Jump to the third column and type the formula = cell 1 & “” & cell 2, where the “” part is used to create a space between the content of 2 cells after joining. Next, copy the formula to the bottom of the table will appear columns with content paired from column 1 and column 2.

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Alt + =: Keyboard shortcut for quick calculation of a column. Highlight the area to be calculated and add a blank cell below and then press Alt + =, the last cell value is the sum of all cells in the selection.

Ctrl + Shift +; (semi-colon): Keyboard shortcuts for quickly filling the current time in a cell in a spreadsheet.

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Ctrl +; (semi-colon): Shortcuts fill the current date in the cell.

Ctrl + – (next to number 1): Keyboard shortcuts view all cells in the form of a formula.

5. Excel 2019 Shortcuts Trace Dependent And Precendent

Ctrl +[:[:Select the precedent directly.

Ctrl + Shift +[:[:Select all precedent.

Ctrl +]: Choose the direct dependend.

Ctrl + Shift +]: Select all dependend.

6. Excel 2019 Shortcut Open And Save Spreadsheet

Ctrl + O: Open the file via the Open standard dialog box.

Alt + F, O: Open the file via the Excel file manager.

Alt + F, O + 1 … 9: Open recent files (from 1 to 9).

Alt + F, O, Y 1 … Z: Open recent files (10 or more).

Alt + F, O, K: Open the file from the OneDrive link.

Ctrl + S: Save the file with the current name.

F12 key: Save files via the standard file saving dialog box.

Alt + F, A: Save the file through the Excel file manager.

Alt + F, A, K: Save files on the OneDrive link.

Escape: Exit the open / save file menu.

7. Shortcut Excel 2019 Print Spreadsheet

Ctrl + P: Print the spreadsheet.

Alt + F, P: Open the File Print Menu.

On the Print Menu, press the I key: Select a printer.

Alt + P if Key Tips does not appear: bring the Print key tips option back.

V key on the Print Menu: Open the View panel, use the arrow keys to forward / backward the preview pages.

G key on the Print Menu: Select Page setup.

Press the N key on the Print Menu: Set Set Number of copies (choose the number of copies and number of prints).

8. Excel 2019 Shortcut Management Worksheet

Ctrl + Page Down / Page Up: Move to the previous / next worksheet on the current worksheet.

Alt + H, I, S: Insert worksheet (Home => Insert Sheet).

Alt + H, D, S: Delete the worksheet (Home => Delete Sheet).

Alt + H, O, R: Rename the worksheet (Home => Format => Rename worksheet).

Alt + H, O, M: Move wordksheet (Home => Format => Move worksheet).

Alt + H, O, T: Worksheet color tab, use the mouse or arrow keys to select the color (Home => Format => Tab color).

9. Shortcuts Excel 2019 Freeze, Split And Hide

Alt + W + F, F: View – Freeze or Unfreeze the rows and columns in the Freeze setting.

Alt + W + R: View – Freeze the first row in the spreadsheet.

Alt + W + C: View – Freeze the first column in the spreadsheet.

Alt + W, S: Split or Unsplit Worksheet in the current position.

10. Excel 2019 Keyboard Shortcuts Filter (Auto Filter)

Ctrl + Shift + L: Turn Autofilter on or off. Select tables as needed but Excel can find what you want.

Alt + down arrow: On the column head pane, display the filter list (AutoFilter) of the current columns. Press Escape to refuse.

Alt + up arrow: Close the filter list (AutoFilter) for the current column.

Home / End key: Select the first / last item in the filter list (AutoFilter).

11. Shortcuts Excel 2019 Column Width And Row Height

Alt + H, O: Home => Format Worksheet.

H key (in the Format Worksheet menu): Set Row Height.

A key: Set Autofit row height.

W key: Set Column Width.

Key I: Set Autofit column width.

D: Set the Default width (all columns will not be changed).

12. Excel 2019 Pivot Table Shortcut

You won’t be able to create a Pivot Table using keyboard shortcuts, but you can use keyboard shortcuts to manage existing tables.

Alt + N, V: Insert a Pivot Table after selecting the data area.

F10 + R: Refresh the Pivot Table.

Ctrl + “-“: Hide selected items.

Alt + down arrow on Header: Unhide items by opening drop-down header menu and using arrow key + Spacebar to unhide items.

Enter through any hidden values: Unhide items (assuming you have 2 fields for color and size, and you hide the color field. Access the size field and enter a color keyword to unhide the color field).

Enter on any field, other than that on the same spreadsheet: Turn over the current field value equal to the entered value.

Ctrl + Shift + *: Select the entire Pivot Table.

Alt + Shift + right arrow: Group the selected Pivot Table items.

Alt + Shift + left arrow: Uncheck the selected Pivot Table items.

Alt + J, T, X: Expand all frames.

Alt + J, T, P: Collapse all frames.

Ctrl + Shift + “+”: Insert pivot formulas / calculated fields.

Alt + F1: Create a Pivot Chart on the same Worksheet.

F1: Create a Pivot Chart on the new Worksheet.

13. Shortcuts Excel 2019 Auto Table And Data Form

Ctrl + T: Create Auto Table from options.

Ctrl + Space: Select a table column.

Shift + Space: Select the table row.

14. Other Excel 2019 Shortcuts

Ctrl + F1: Minimize / restore Excel Ribbon.

Press Ctrl key after selecting at least 2 rows and 2 columns: Display formats, charts, totals, tables and sparklines menus.

Shift + F7: Display the thesaurus dialog box.

F7 key: Display the spelling dialog box.

Alt + F, I, E: Enable Editing in Protected View (File – Info – Enable Editing).

Alt + F4: Close Excel.

F1: Help.

Alt + ‘: Style dialog box.

Ctrl + F3: Specify a name or dialog.

Ctrl + Shift + F3: Create names from row and column names.

Alt + F1: Create and insert charts with data in the current range and embed them as Chart Object.

F11 key: Create and insert charts with data in the current range in the Chart Sheet.

Alt + F11: Open the VBA editor window.

Ctrl + F6: Scroll through open spreadsheets.

Alt + F8: Shortcuts show Macro dialog box.

The above is a summary of Excel 2019 keyboard shortcuts or use and useful for you to refer, look up every time working on Excel spreadsheets. This article provides a lot of Excel keyboard shortcuts, so you should take a look and you should watch carefully to remember the shortcuts you use to save processing time when working in spreadsheets. With the less used shortcuts, you can see “surfing” to briefly remember, until working at a certain time needed, please find this article again to see details offline. Good luck!


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