Excel - Handling date errors in Excel

Excel – Handling date errors in Excel

The date error in Excel occurs quite often with many users, especially those who use a new computer and are also new to Excel for the first time. Date error in Excel is actually caused by the date format between Vietnam and the UK and US. Therefore, to handle date errors in Excel, please read follow the article below.

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You have a date error with Excel. You have set the date format as dd / mm / yy in the cell’s format. However, if the input data is December 1, 2013, it will be converted to the correct format as December 1, 2013, but if the one-day input is> 12 (for example, January 20, 2013), it will not return to the correct format As your request.

Instructions to correct errors in Excel date and month

This is because the date on your Windows system is set to mm / dd / yyyy (the default for UK users), so Excel has used this format for the data you just imported. that you have reset the cell’s custom format.

Specifically as below

straighten ladder in Excel

Or like this

straighten ladder in Excel

How to fix:

Step 1:

You can directly access the Control Panel on the computer with a shortcut on the computer screen

Or press a combination of keys Windows + R > Type Control Panel and click Enter Or click OK to access the Control Panel on your computer.

After entering Control Panel on your computer, navigate as follows: click Clock, Languate, and Region >Region.

Access to Clock, Languate, and Region

In the Region view, you switch Format from English (UK) or English (US) to Vietnamese (Vietnam) format to correctly display according to the Vietnamese time format, digital symbols.

In the Short date, Long date, you can set the time in the format dd / MM / yyyy (Date / month / year) to match or you can choose other formats if you want.

– Window Customize Regional Options appears, select tab Date. Set date format in item Short date format

+ yyyy-mm-dd: Year-month-day (Example: 2016-11-21)

+ dd-mm-yyyy: Day-month-year (November 21, 2016)

+ dd / mm / yyyy: Date / month / year (November 21, 2016)

+ d / m / yy: Example: June 2, 1999 (Meaning June 2, 1999)

+ …

Step 2: Customize date formats in Excel

– You select one or more cells that need to be reformatted in Excel date format and right-click, then select Format Cells …

– Dialog box Format Cells appears, in the tab Number choose Date (date format) and select the date format type in the item Type suitable for its purpose of use:

– Press OK

Above we have instructed you how to fix and correct the wrong date when inserting into Excel spreadsheets, this error can be caused by the wrong time system on your computer and many other causes. This problem helps you to study in Excel more effectively. In the process of using Excel, you will certainly encounter many different errors, so articles like tips on fixing dates in Excel are very important. Especially for those who are new to using, making mistakes and correcting Excel errors is the practical experience that helps you to improve your own computer skills as well as Excel.

In addition, for many users, the difference from version to interface makes it difficult for them to manipulate, not to mention separate functions. And for the version of Office 2016, Excel users will have some additional functions such as CONCAT, TEXTJOIN, IFS that its predecessor did not have. To learn more, please read the article sharing Excel functions only available on Office 2016 that we introduced earlier to better understand.

And if there is any problem about this article or in Excel you encounter, do not hesitate to share with us.



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