Experiences in finding jobs for newly graduated students

Experiences in finding jobs for newly graduated students

Fresh graduates can contact with many businesses to find job opportunities, participate in many interviews but do not get accepted because of inexperience, so how to overcome these challenges? Here are some tips:

Experiences in finding jobs for newly graduated students

Table of Contents:
1. Find out in advance about the company.
2. Talk about the projects you have implemented.
3. Clear and concise resume.
4. Practice introducing yourself.
5. Be careful with social media accounts.

1. Find out in advance about the company

Surprisingly, there are many candidates, from new graduates to experienced people who skip this basic step. In many interviews, the first question the employer might ask is “What did you know about our company?” or “Did you find out about our website?”. They will not be satisfied if you answer by pleading that you do not have time or just skim it.

Be sure to research company information to discuss more with employers.

2. Talk about the projects you have implemented

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New graduates may have difficulty applying for jobs because of a lack of professional experience.

As a freshman, you don’t have work experience so the interviewer can take a professional test, but they always want to see your strengths to see if you are suitable for the job. The best way to impress is to talk about the projects you have participated in (if any). It may just be the projects you complete at university or part-time jobs, but they obviously give you an edge over other candidates.

3. Clear and concise resume

As a newcomer, you may end up getting too long to write a resume. Everyone is racing against time, and no one wants to read all the lengthy content, presenting your potential. Please complete the version Job application It’s very brief and keeps only important information. Don’t forget to emphasize the skills that the job requires.

4. Practice introducing yourself

When interviewing for a job, you are competing with many other candidates. Start the introduction with a confident, strong demeanor to get the listeners’ attention. Focus on what your strengths are – if you’re not a graduate from a top university, talk about what you’ve done and why you like working for the company. .

5. Be careful with social media accounts

When deciding to invite you to an interview, many employers also search your name on the Internet to learn more about you. Be careful with the content on social networks, Maybe you think it is very humorous or insightful, but your future boss does not recognize that.


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