Bitcoin chính thức tiến vào thị trường giảm giá?

Experts Debate Whether Bitcoin Enters a Bearish Cycle

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Bitcoin Officially Entering the Bear Market?

After the market continuously corrected, experts began to give their own views on whether Bitcoin really entered a bear market.

Ki Young Ju, CEO of data delivery platform CryptoQuant, tweeted: “Bitcoin bear market looks confirmed because big investors [cá voi] transferred the investment to the exchanges”.

“When whale money prevails, the market is likely to enter a prolonged bearish phase,” added Ju.

Analyst Alex Kruger agrees with CEO Ki Young Ju when bluntly stating that what we are witnessing is definitely a bear market.

“Everybody believes prices will continue to fall, things could get worse,” said Alex.

On the other hand, Pedro Febrero, Head of Blockchain at RealFevr and analyst at Quantum Economics, believes that it is too early to say that the crypto market is forced into a bear cycle.

“I do not think so. At least not yet. Watch for a few more weeks,” he suggested.

The cryptocurrency market started to witness one of the worst price corrections in history since the second half of May. $500 billion in total market capitalization evaporated in the blink of an eye.

Since then, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have not been able to regain momentum.

Even so, money from institutions is still pouring into this market. Co-founder of major DeFi transaction tracking app UniWhales Matt Aaron says the crypto industry is like the early internet.

He thinks it’s too hard to know how the markets will play out, but insists they will grow over time.

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