Kịch bản nào cho Bitcoin trong thời gian tới

Experts predict the Bitcoin scenario for July and August

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What is the scenario for Bitcoin in the near future?

The creator of the Stock to Flow (S2F) model offers a lot of analysis and commentary on the Bitcoin price over the next two months.

Prepare for the bad scenario in July

PlanB, the author of the Stock to Flow (S2F) model, recently presented a not-so-positive situation for Bitcoin this month.

“The BTC price closed June at $35,037, much lower than the S2F model in January 2019. Over the next 6 months, Bitcoin price could break the S2F pattern (again),” PlanB said.

Bitcoin S2F model

Giving Bitcoin price prediction in July, the analyst is quite pessimistic.

“The closing price for July will be $28,000,” PlanB said.

August will be very interesting

As of August, PlanB predicts that the market will pick up and Bitcoin can regain momentum.

PlanB said:

During August, Bitcoin price will recover to over $47,000 and begin to move towards resistance levels. The road ahead in the next few months will be very interesting

He predicted Bitcoin price could increase by more than 40% by the end of August.

“My on-chain data shows that Bitcoin’s momentum is not over yet and $64,000 is not the peak. According to the S2F model, Bitcoin will have other rallies,” PlanB said.

PlanB asserts that the closing price in August will not be less than $47,000.

bitcoin on-chain

Returning to the question of whether the Bitcoin price will behave in the next few months, trigger a rally or continue to correct, PlanB said that after each bull cycle, the Bitcoin price will be less volatile.

As shown in the chart below:

Bitcoin halving

Bitcoin price movements over the next six months will be important and interesting compared to the Bitcoin price predictions based on the S2F model.

As things settle, PlanB says there are only two scenarios for Bitcoin:

  • $64,000 will be the peak this year, and Bitcoin price will hover around $25,000-$50,000 between now and the end of the year.
  • The $64,000 level is broken, Bitcoin continues its upward momentum towards the target of $100,000 and even $288,000 based on the S2F model.

“I’m betting on the second outcome,” PlanB said.

Meanwhile, despite recent legal troubles, data shows Bitcoin and stablecoin reserves on the exchange Binance remained almost stationary. This is good information to support the market price.

huobi binance

stablecoin binance

CryptoQuant commented:

Market The crypto market is not really bewildered about Binance being warned by countries.
In contrast, when the Chinese government implemented a policy of suppressing cryptocurrencies, a large amount of money escaped from the Huobi exchange. This shows the panic of the market

Bitcoin’s average leverage on exchanges has returned to pre-May 19 levels. Binance, the exchange with the largest contract volume, hit a three-month high. As a result, the future volatility of the cryptocurrency market is likely to be even stronger.

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